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Free-to-play Dragon Coin Spending Guide

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The priority of spending Dragon Coins is to facilitate progression. While it may be tempting for you to save up dragon coins to buy that big item, be mindful that it is still better to use the dragon coins to progress faster, which in turn nets you more content. However, inefficient spending will not only not net you a good BP, and you will always find yourself lagging behind the rest as you are always lacking in dragon coins. You don't want that to happen if you aren't intending to spend money on the game.


Item Location Cost Priority Reasoning
Daily Nest Reset Nest 50DC/day Must do Nests are the primary way to earn materials for obtaining gear. Materials are gated by the runs you do, so it is necessary to reset the dungeon.
Dark Boundary Entry Token (weekly limited) DC market 100 DC for 10 Must get After level 35 you want to spam Dark Boundary for Dragonware. At an amazing 75% off, you must be kidding me if you tell me you aren't getting this.
Cerberus Nest Entry Ticket (Daily Limit) DC Market 60 DC for 2 Must get These are basically free Cerberus Nest Runs you can do every day to sell to the bazaar. Do Cerberus Hard and at the bare minimum you get 6 DC profit. Also, if you are lucky enough to get that gold chest, congrats you got yourself a huge chunk of free dragon coins.
Buying out Manticore items for Upgrading Bazaar Varies Medium Upgrading Manticore equipment with Manticore items has been underrated. While the upgrade is not permanent (it will not transfer to the next tier), it gives stats equal to 2 or 3 enhances, for a lower cost. As such, if you are chasing BP for the level 40 content and for harder cerberus hell modes, it is a good option. Of course, this is not a priority if you don't wish to rush to the top as F2P; you can always wait for the materials themselves to lower in price, and buying Agates remain one of the more consistent and permanent ways of upgrading your character.
Abyss Dungeon Reset Abyss Dungeon (20 + 30) DC/day Medium Abyss nets you a good amount of experience rate and materials for Nest equipment. However, it is not as efficient as doing 20 DC stamina resets, as such it is put lower in the priority list. Of course, still reset only once if you want to get materials.
Green Agate (weekly limited) DC market 240DC for 40 High Most people underestimate the amount of BP obtained from enhancements. At a low 6 DC for the first 40, it is one of the higher priority items.
Green Agate (unlimited) DC market 10 DC each Medium After getting the 40 cheaper Agates, it is not as efficient to buy the 10 DC ones. Get it if you have handful of DC in hand.
Green Crystal (weekly limited) DC market 144 DC for 6 High Try to buy this every week till you have enough to surpass all your gear to 21. At a 40% off it is a very good deal.
Green Crystal (unlimited) DC market 40 DC each Low-Medium Not very efficient without the 40% off.
Blue Agate (weekly limited) DC market 21 DC each Medium-High Good to get if you want to rush to 30. Not very efficient otherwise (getting Green Agate to convert is still priority if you haven't bought it yet).
Big Dark Boundary Pack (weekly limited) DC market 1600 for 8 (40 total runs) Medium This pack is honestly a little expensive, so it isn't very high priority, but do get this if you want to farm more dragonwares.
Unlocking third attributes Rare Heraldries 120 DC at level 35 Low Honestly, it is okay to not use 3 stat rare heraldries as we aren't at a high level yet.
Buying plates/heraldries Bazaar Varies Medium Again, not very necessary unless you want to have a very high BP. If it is quite affordable do go for it.
Stamina Refresh Stamina Bar 20 DC for first few Medium This is a must get if you are nearing Level 32 (to hit the level seal faster), or trying to rush content. Avoid using more than 20 dc for refreshes as we have lunch and dinner rewards. Also get this if you need it for daily/weekly rewards.
Gold Chest Benefit Tab 10 DC for 1 Only for Daily This is only really bought if you need extra points to complete your daily/weekly rewards.
Pandora's Seed (weekly limited) DC market 40 each (400 for 10) Low It is a very high chance of getting items that are lower than 40 DC, so only buy them with disposable income.
Battle/Palace Medals Bazaar Auction (Guild and World) Varies Medium Moniker is a decent stat boost. I recommend getting medals if they look affordable.
Farm Home 500 DC for a plot Very Low Only viable for pay players as stealing crops from friends are more practical
Rare Fairy Eggs Fairy 1980DC for 10 Low You get enough A rank fairies from daily eggs and events.
Guild Sign In Guild 100 DC for 2000 Contri Medium-High Guild sign-ins are an underestimated way of obtaining Battle Medals faster. Typically if world boss medals stay low it isn't very high priority, but as people are beginning to snipe medals away, it becomes apparent to use contribution to buy battle medals as frequently as you can. After Moniker V Guild Sign In is less efficient however.


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