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The Ultimate Gearing and BP gaining Guide 101 (Updated to Pre-Level 40/Manticore Stage)

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What exactly is BP?

BP is the short form of Battle Power, which is a numerical value assigned to how strong your character is. Contrary to belief, it is not how much damage you do, or how OP you are. Having a high BP doesn't automatically mean you are a very strong player, and you should always only take BP as a reference number rather than an actual skill.

The biggest highlight would be for example in the case of Dragonware. BP only provides an indicator of the strength of the stats that are provided, but not how useful the stats are to you! If you are an Alchemist and the Dragonwares you obtain are for Engineers, or even worse, Warriors, both the stats and the skills' relative strength will be artificially added to your BP. A dragonware with smaller BP (Magical Strength) value with more relavant stats and skillset far surpasses the dragonware with higher BP but irrelevant stats.

The same goes for Skills. You only have 5 active skill slots, 2 buff skill slots and 1 special skill slot. However, every skill that you upgrade increases BP, even though it is a skill you don't put on your skill bar. This artificial gain may seem tempting, but do know that this BP is actually "worthless".

Thus, you want to avoid getting artificial BP, but actual combat stats to keep yourself relevant in the upper ranks.


The first thing you want to look into when increasing your BP and gearing up are Attributes. This can be seen in the character menu.

Opening the Attribute window brings up a ton of stats. For a first time RPG player, this WILL be daunting, but I will try to make it simpler for you.

HP refers to hit points. This is the health you have on the top left of the bar. Raising this allows you to take more damage. Of course, the "you don't say" meme will come from you guys, but yeah. Of course, don't just rely on HP! There are other factors to take note of.

Max Mana represents the amount of mana you have. For Dragon nest, this is COMPLETELY USELESS as for some odd reason you don't go below 99% mana. The devs of DN might as well remove this stat from the game lmao.

Physical ATK increases the damage done with physical attacks. As Dragon Nest M is heavily simplified, as long as you are a class that uses generically uses physical damage, your magic damage will also somewhat scale off physical ATK (lolwut). Warriors, Archers and Assassins use Physical ATK.

Magic ATK like its Physical counterpart increases damage done with magical attacks. I am not repeating what I just said above. Academics, Sorceresses and Clerics use Magic ATK.

Physical and Magic DEFs are flat defence values that protect you from enemy attacks, based on their form of attacks. It is to note that all bosses in Dragon Nest can do both kinds of attacks, and it is somewhat intuitive of what attack is physical and what attack isn't. This has no effect on your damage output, but is necessary for survival in PvP, and for you to of course facetank some hits in Nests.

These numbers I have mentioned above are calculated values based off your raw stats as well as your raw attributes as seen in Attribute 2.

Unlike other games, you actually benefit somewhat from all stats. From some testing, it seems like the stat gains are similar to how the PC version of the game has handled their stats. I will just give a tl;dr.

Strength (STR) increases Physical Damage, scaling the best on Warriors. It also increases Crit DMG of classes, scaling better with classes that innately use Strength.

Agility (AGI) Increases Physical Damage as well, scaling the best on Archers. It also increases the Crit Strike rating on all classes, as well as Crit resist.

Intelligence (INT) increases Magical Damage, scaling the best on Sorceress, followed by Academics and lastly Clerics. It also increases Crit DMG, scaling the best on classes which innately use Intelligence. Intelligence also gives a decent amount of magic defense.

Vitality (VIT) is the defensive stat that raises physical defenses of ALL classes. It also raises HP. In the mobile version this may also increase the amount of Magic Def but I have not tested it yet.

Attribute 3 indicates the bonus stats while Attribute 4 indicates the elemental bonus damage. As they are not fully supported as of pre-level 40, I am only going to explain stats that are commonly used now.

Crit Strike is basically your crit chance stat. Don't think of 5000 Crit strike to be exactly 50.00% chance of critting: the actual percentage based on the stat is hidden.

Crit Resist is basically what it says: the resistance of Crit Strikes. Similarly it is an arbitary value with no indicator of what the calculations work, but I can safely guess it is a subtraction calculation.

Crit DMG increases the damage done through critical strikes. This is, as far as I know, additive to the base ATK amount before multiplying.

Now you know what each stat does, you should roughly know what to focus on in each of your gears. If you don't, congratulations as you probably need to go back to elementary school.

Jokes aside, let's see where you can get stats from.

Gearing Up

There are tons of ways to upgrade your gear, and you want to maximise the resources you have, more notably gold and dragon coins. If you have not checked my free-to-play Dragon Coin spending guide, do so. You are missing out by not doing it.

The first step in gearing up is getting the gear itself! It is the simplest part of the puzzle: there are no second options yet and stats are forced on you, you can't change them and you have absolutely no reason to. The best gear in the game at the moment is the Manticore Set. There is absolutely no reason not to go for this set: you are farming Nests every day for this gear anyway. If you have just started though, you can consider getting the lower levelled Cerberus set.

After getting the set, be sure to enter your closet to activate your Charisma bonus for free BP! These are permanent bonuses with decent stats so I don't see why not.

Of course, just getting the gear will only net you a few thousand BP. You need to increase those stats!

Enhance is the first step to upgrading your gear. Using Dragon Coins, you basically can enhance all gears all the way to +60 if you are a whale. It is also one of the simplest ways to increase BP: once you get an enhance, you will transfer that enhance to whatever equipment you will be using next! The recommended goal for all players as of this patch is to get all 10 pieces of equipment to +40. Of course, do them in staggered manners, as you get a stat bonus for every 5 levels your entire set reaches, as well as a weapon bonus for every 20 levels your entire set reaches.

Refine is the process where you refine your gear to the best possible RNG stat. Using refine stones (found by clearing Abyss dungeons and other free currencies), you can reroll the stat to the highest possible one. Thankfully, your stats can't go below the previous refine, so spam it away! Typically, if you want to be efficient, get all the rolls to purple before focusing on maxing them. These rolls are bound on to the equipment, so you have to reroll each time you get a new piece of gear. Of course, you can get those materials from old sets back via the "return refine" function.

Jades are add-ons to your gear. They increase a decent amount of stats and they are permanent increases, meaning as long as you have those jades equipped you get the stat. Jades can be removed at any point and placed on other equipment, so there is no reason not to equip them. Jades are obtained from Sky Arena and Dragon Expeditions if you don't want to spent a hefty amount of dragon coins on them. When upgrading Jades, do note that you need two of the same tier to go to the next, meaning you need 8 level 1 jades of the same type to upgrade a level 3 jade to 4. It is thus best to upgrade your jades across the board for cheap and efficient stat gains.

Upgrade (only on minimum Manticore gear), uses Nest materials to increase the stats of the particular gear. The numbers are pretty huge, as you can only run Nest 3 times a day, and the only other way to obtain these materials are from buying from players in the Bazaar.

Heraldries are basically bonus items attached to the Heraldry panel. Unlike Jades, they have at least 2 stats, with a chance of a 3rd stat if it comes from an A-rank or higher Plate. Due to them having more variety stats, it is wise to consider the stats you want to focus on. There are 8 stat Heraldry slots, and 8 skill Heraldry slots (this is not released yet). Plates can only be obtained from Boss Rush, although the A ranks are tradeable in the Bazaar. Like Gear, Heraldries are refineable with Heraldry Refine stones, buyable in the Glory shop. This can get very expensive gold wise due to the lower RNG cap.

Dragon-ware is the latest addition on top of the Manticore set and equipment enhancement. These gems can ONLY be found in the Dragon soul content, as well as on the auctions (but it is never worth it to get dragon souls from Auctions). As I have mentioned at the start of this guide, it is best to find the dragon-ware that fits your class the most, and I will continue to emphasize this in my future guides.

Costumes are the last item I want to focus in the Character tab, and that is because it is a low-stat gain per cost item. It doesn't matter if you look cute or dashing and whatnot if you do horrible in battles. If you are a complete free-to-play player like me, save up muiltiple costumes and glory points and get chess-set costumes. After that, focus on upgrading to New Campus set via the Combine Costume button on the Costume tab. New Campus has a 100% rate and it is very efficient for its cost. Until there is a more reliable way to get non-timelimited costumes for free, just work with what you have.

BP gaining outside of character

On top of these, there are also other ways to gain relevant stats. I will list them down so you will get some insight.

Mounts give a very very small amount of stat gains for the BP given. It is wise to not focus on it.

Fairies give a 1:1 exchange of BP. Whatever the stat fairies give, you get them as well! Fairies deserve a category of its own, but like Rory I am a little lazy. It is recommended to upgrade your fairies whenever you can. Cook exp items for them! Ascend and awaken them! This is especially true when you are using A rank and up fairies.

Monikers are basically titles given when you hit a certain BP count. At higher stages you will need Battle or Palace medals. These titles are actually very good stat gains up till tier VI, where it starts to become a little expensive.

Album consists of cards obtained via Continental Exploration. When you obtain a set, just press activate to get a permanent stat boost! These cards can only be reliably obtained via the Continental Exploration, which is recommended to be done daily.

Guild Skills give you a handful of bonus stats by paying Guild Contribution.



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