Tsareena as a Grass-type Raid Attacker, and revisiting Tapu Bulu and Shaymin

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None of them can ever contact Kartana, and so they’re additionally all worse than shadow Grass varieties (& Zarude). However they’re among the many better of the remainder!

  • Tapu Bulu >= Roserade > Tsareena > Chesnaught, however they’re all very shut. (L50 of 1 > L40 of one other)
  • They’re one of the best “non-Kartana non-shadow non-mega” Grass attackers.
  • Sadly, L30 Kartana > L50 something right here.
  • Additionally sadly, they’re worse than price range Electrical and Water varieties: Electivire, Magnezone, Swampert, Kingler and so forth (that are in direct competitors with Grass).
  • Good if you need “non-shadow selection”, however anybody with established groups (even simply from January CD) don’t want to care. Bulu is a really weak candidate for uncommon candies, however not nugatory.

In case your Shaymin has Grass-type Hidden Energy, it’s additionally glorious in Sky Forme, higher than the aforementioned ones and barely beneath shadows (although nonetheless manner worse than Kartana). If not, don’t fear an excessive amount of.

Preserve studying for:

  • Chart of all Grass-type attackers
  • All pairwise comparisons between Tapu Bulu, Roserade, Tsareena and Chesnaught
  • Future speculations (Magical Leaf Shaymin-Sky, Trop Kick Tsareena on a Neighborhood Day within the distant future)
    • If anybody at Niantic is studying this: GIVE SHAYMIN MAGICAL LEAF YOU COWARDS
  • Record of my earlier analyses, in Appendix


Three items of “information” after a comparatively quiet week:

  • Sustainability Week begins on Thursday, April 20, that includes the discharge of Bounsweet. It’s a 3-stage evolution line and might ultimately evolve into Tsareena, a mono Grass-type Pokémon.
  • Shaymin shall be accessible to all gamers through a Particular Analysis, in its Land Forme, as soon as Sustainability week begins. You may change its kind to the extra helpful Sky Forme.
  • Tapu Bulu is now again in Tier 5 raids for 2 weeks with its shiny debut, till the morning of Could 2.

Coincidentally, they’re all (or have potential to be) not dangerous in raids! Tsareena and Tapu Bulu are nice Grass-type raid attackers, although not near one of the best, whereas Shaymin Sky is even higher for those who’re fortunate to get Hidden Energy Grass (1/16 probability).

This text examines simply precisely how good they’re, and the way a lot future potential they’ve in the event that they ever get higher strikes.

  • One line on Tapu Bulu as a Fairy attacker: Surprisingly, not completely dangerous regardless of not having a Fairy quick transfer, however worse than Togekiss, Gardevoir and Shadow Gardevoir.

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Preliminaries: Stats, Strikes and ER/DPS Numbers

(Skippable within the curiosity of time)

[Section TL;DR] Tsareena has middling assault stat however an excellent moveset (Magical Leaf/Grass Knot), whereas Tapu Bulu has higher stats than Roserade however a worse quick transfer. Shaymin Sky has even higher stats, however lacks a Grass-type quick transfer until you get Hidden Energy Grass.

  • Shaymin (Sky)


  • Tapu Bulu


  • Roserade


  • Tsareena


  • Chesnaught


  • Shaymin (Land)


First, let’s have a look at the stats and strikes of all three Pokémon, plus shut opponents Roserade and Chesnaught:

Pokemon Atk Def HP Quick Transfer Charged Transfer MSP
Shaymin (Sky) 261 166 225 Hidden Energy (Grass) Grass Knot 7.63
Tapu Bulu 249 215 172 Bullet Seed Grass Knot 7.58
Roserade 243 185 155 Razor Leaf Grass Knot 7.85
Tsareena 222 195 176 Magical Leaf Grass Knot 8.19
Chesnaught 201 204 204 Vine Whip Frenzy Plant 8.79
Shaymin (Land) 210 210 225 Hidden Energy (Grass) Grass Knot 7.63

MSP (Moveset Particular Energy) measures how good a moveset is (unbiased of the Pokemon). It’s a new metric lately developed by u/Elastic_Space. For instance, this exhibits Vine Whip/Frenzy Plant is one of the best moveset amongst these within the desk, whereas Bullet Seed/Grass Knot is the worst.

I ought to first point out… None of them may even remotely evaluate to Kartana, which has an insane 323 base assault (regardless that its bulk is decrease than the whole lot listed right here).

However only for the sake of evaluating the whole lot throughout the desk…

  • The center 4 (Tapu Bulu, Roserade, Tsareena, Chesnaught) have base assault from highest to lowest on this order, however strikes from worst to greatest.
    • Particularly, Tsareena has middling assault, however a surprisingly good moveset due to Magical Leaf being a robust quick transfer.
    • (In equity, its 222 base assault isn’t too dangerous for a grass sort – Tangrowth solely has 207, and Sceptile solely has 1 increased assault at 223 however a lot decrease bulk.)
  • Roserade is the glassiest by fairly a margin, whereas Chesnaught is the bulkiest of the 4.
  • Shaymin Sky has the best assault stat by far, however most Shaymins doesn’t also have a grass-type quick transfer. In the event you’re fortunate to get Hidden Energy Grass, it’s nonetheless a nasty moveset, however Shaymin Sky’s excessive assault is sufficient to salvage it.
  • Shaymin Land is sort of pathetic, even with Hidden Energy Grass.

These elements lead to theoretical ER and DPS numbers like this:

Equal Ranking (ER) and DPS of abovementioned grass attackers. Desk sorted by ER.

“The center 4” all have fairly comparable ER numbers, albeit with various DPS (Roserade is a clssic glass cannon whereas Chesnaught is a tank). Shaymin Sky appears to outperform all of them.

In fact, those that observe my articles know that I by no means cease right here… Let’s see how nicely they really do in Pokebattler simulations.

Grass Attackers: The Charts

[Section TL;DR] Tapu Bulu and Tsareena are each just like Roserade and CD Chesnaught. WAY WAY WAY beneath Kartana, WAY beneath Shadows (plus Zarude and HP Grass Shaymin-Sky), however they’re one of the best of the remainder.

Grass attackers ranked by their common in-raid efficiency, utilizing ASE, ASE with dodging, and ASTTW.

  • Tapu Bulu


  • Tsareena


Tapu Bulu and Tsareena are roughly within the similar league as Roserade and Frenzy Plant Chesnaught, main the pack of “conventional” Grass varieties – i.e. they’re among the many greatest non-Kartana non-shadow non-mega Grass attackers.

  • In that sense, all of them typically edge out Tangrowth, Sceptile and Venusaur.

Nevertheless, right here’s the dangerous information: They’re all WAY WAY WAY beneath Kartana, and in addition WAY beneath any Shadow Grass varieties (plus Zarude and Energy Whip Xurkitree).

  • Stage 30 Kartana > Stage 50 something right here.

Shaymin (Sky)


In the event you’re one of many fortunate bastards that bought Hidden Energy Grass in your Shaymin Sky, congrats – it’s considerably higher than the bunch above, now sitting slightly below shadows. In the event you didn’t get HP Grass, you additionally don’t want to fret an excessive amount of: it’s nonetheless loads worse than Kartana, and a very good IV Shadow Tangrowth/Sceptile/Venusaur can be comparable or higher.

  • Shaymin Land solely will get to Leafeon stage even when it has HP Grass.
  • In the event you don’t have HP Grass, then HP Electrical and Flying appear to be the subsequent greatest ones, and HP Water seemingly has situational makes use of. However all of them dip beneath Tsareena and Chesnaught on common, and most HP varieties (plus Zen Headbutt) are once more solely at Leafeon stage.
  • Be aware that Hidden Energy sort is mounted for every Shaymin and might’t be modified.

So, for those who don’t have sufficient Kartana (even L30) or shadows powered up, preserve studying…

Comparisons: Tapu Bulu >= Roserade > Tsareena > Chesnaught

[Section TL;DR] Mainly the title; L50 of 1 > L40 of one other. Chesnaught has a distinct segment in Tier 5 Kyogre and Groudon raids (however not Primal raids).

Tapu Bulu (left) and Tsareena (proper) vs. Roserade, Chesnaught and one another (L40 greatest buddies)

  • Tapu Bulu


  • Roserade


  • Tsareena


  • Chesnaught


As I mentioned within the part header… Tapu Bulu >= Roserade > Tsareena > Chesnaught.

Most different comparability pairs are self-explanatory from the chart, however Tapu Bulu vs. Roserade has a bit extra nuances:

  • Roserade is a basic glass cannon, whereas Tapu Bulu is tankier however with barely decrease DPS.
  • However in follow, they actually don’t differ that a lot. Each are very, very shut in efficiency.
  • Here are the distribution plots, which present how a lot one is healthier than the opposite. As you possibly can see, more often than not the TTW distinction is inside 2%, and both one may be higher. For TTW solely, I’d even say Roserade is the higher of the 2.
  • Bulu does appear to get a bit extra benefit in estimator, however that’s assuming you employ a group of 6 Bulus – and let’s be actual, who’s doing that on this economic system?
  • (Technical) Roserade undoubtedly outperforms its ER right here. This is because of a mix of Razor Leaf outputting extra constant injury, and grass varieties sometimes focusing a bit extra on DPS over bulk in comparison with different varieties (u/Elastic_Space is analyzing this for every type).

What’s not proven right here is that all 4 are nonetheless very shut to one another, even when there’s a transparent rating distinction. In reality, L50 of any of them > L40 of the rest.

I omitted Roserade vs. Chesnaught in the primary desk, but it surely’s here for these .

One final word about Chesnaught’s distinctive area of interest: its bulk makes it the most secure of the bunch in opposition to Tier 5 Kyogre and Groudon raids. At L40, Chesnaught is one of the best of the 4 in opposition to T5 Blizzard Kyogre and T5 Hearth Blast Groudon, as it could possibly truly tank each. Nevertheless, this benefit will get erased in Primal Kyogre raids, which OHKOs all of them with Blizzard.

Evaluating to attackers of different varieties

[Section TL;DR] Tapu Bulu is barely similar to price range, non-legendary Electrical and Water varieties (Magnezone, Swampert, Kingler and so forth). Roserade, Tsareena and Chesnaught are even worse than that.

No evaluation of Grass varieties is full with out evaluating it to their opponents, particularly Electrical (in opposition to water) and Water (in opposition to rock/floor). Sadly, all grass varieties not named Kartana fall quick right here… And Bulu and Tsareena are not any exceptions.

I made some plots when writing the Kartana evaluation (although they’re lacking Tsareena and Chesnaught, and solely makes use of ASE, not ASTTW):

In comparison with Electrical:

  • Tapu Bulu < Electivire, ≈ Magnezone.
  • Roserade is even worse.

In comparison with Water:

  • Tapu Bulu ≈ Swampert, Samurott, Kingler and Empoleon.
  • Roserade is worse than these water varieties.

Tsareena and Chesnaught should not on these plots, however they need to be roughly between Roserade and Tangrowth.

Briefly, even Tapu Bulu is barely similar to price range choices, whereas Roserade, Tsareena and Chesnaught are even decrease. Whereas all of them are nonetheless very usable and will get typing benefits generally, it’s exhausting to justify funding if you have already got good Electrical and Water groups.

What in the event that they get higher strikes?

Speculative Grass attackers (Magical Leaf Shaymin Sky and “Frenzy Plant” Tsareena) ranked by their common in-raid efficiency, utilizing ASE, ASE with dodging, and ASTTW.

Shaymin (Sky)


Shaymin actually ought to have gotten a Grass quick transfer, Magical Leaf, on launch. I’m nonetheless scratching my head round why it didn’t. But when it does get it in the future, Shaymin Sky will outclass shadow grasses, however simply barely, and nonetheless nicely beneath Kartana.



As for Tsareena, it’s extraordinarily prone to have a Neighborhood Day sooner or later, not simply because it’s a 3-stage evolution line, but it surely additionally has a signature transfer within the MSG, Trop Kick. Even within the best-case state of affairs the place Trop Kick turns into a Frenzy Plant clone, Tsareena’s ceiling is above Bulu and Roserade, however nonetheless beneath Shadow grasses and nicely beneath L30 Kartana.

  • To not point out, what number of years will it take to get a Bounsweet CD? Will the sport even be alive by then?

Tapu Bulu


One final point out of Tapu Bulu with a hypothetical Fairy quick transfer (it could possibly’t enhance additional as a grass):

  • Shadow Granbull clone. Above Gardevoir, however considerably beneath Shadow Gardevoir.
  • Nevertheless, it’s one of the best of all Tapus in the event that they solely obtain one fairy transfer. (Tapu Lele wants each a fairy quick transfer and Dazzling Gleam to surpass Bulu.)
  • For particulars, learn my Mega Gardevoir evaluation.



  • Tapu Bulu >= Roserade > Tsareena > Chesnaught, however they’re all very shut.
  • They’re one of the best “non-Kartana non-shadow non-mega” Grass attackers, however nicely beneath shadows and get destroyed by Kartana.
  • They’re additionally typically worse than price range Electrical and Water varieties: Electivire, Magnezone, Swampert, Kingler and so forth.

Actually, now in April 2023, most individuals will most likely see little worth in a further Tapu Bulu or Tsareena on their group – regardless that they’re nice in their very own proper, Grass varieties are too saturated with choices now.

  • For premium choices, Kartana was in raids half a yr in the past, and it dominates Grass varieties.
  • For reasonable choices, Chespin CD was simply 3 months in the past. Roselia additionally had its personal CD in 2021. Each Pokemon and their XLs are extra accessible than Tapu Bulu (a legendary) and Tsareena (a “for those who’re fortunate” spawn in the course of the occasion).
  • How usually do you want a Grass sort to start with? Grass doesn’t have very excessive utility, and whereas I believe a mixed ElectricalGrassWater group or two is essential, the choices we’re discussing listed here are simply substitutable.
  • Even for those who want distinctive groups, Tapu Bulu is barely on the fringe of the Distinctive 6 vary for those who embody shadows. Throw within the Electrical and Water counters, and it’s pushed down additional.
  • The one manner I can see them being price it: If you need a group of Distinctive 6 non-shadows. Right here, Bulu is #3 Grass (#4 in case you have HP Grass Shaymin), and Tsareena is #5.

There’s nonetheless advantage on this evaluation – with out it, I wager most individuals wouldn’t even suppose Tsareena is related for raids. Constructing 1 Tapu Bulu and/or 1 Tsareena definitely have some deserves, however neither are price greater than that at present.

Tsareena does have some FOMO considerations on account of its (seemingly inevitable) CD… In the event you’re keen to attend an unknown variety of years for that. It is going to grow to be a greater model of itself, however nonetheless can’t compete with the almighty premium Grass varieties.

Articles developing subsequent

  • Mayyyybe an evaluation on Mamoswine for Swinub CD Basic?
  • Mega Pinsir has been datamined lately, so I’ll attempt to have an evaluation at any time when it and/or Mega Gallade are literally launched. Preliminary ideas on Mega Pinsir here.
  • Fast evaluation on Blast Burn Delphox in Could, assuming leaks are true.

Appendix: Previous analyses on different varieties

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    • Additionally Galarian birds, Extremely Beasts & Sneasler
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