Tyranitar (and Mega Tyranitar) with Brutal Swing in Raids: The Darkish-type Monster Returns!

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Welcome to an in-depth evaluation of the unique top-tier attacker: Tyranitar. With the latest addition of Brutal Swing to its moveset, Tyranitar has undergone a major transformation, making it a power to be reckoned with in each Darkish and Rock-type battles.

On this article, we are going to discover the immense potential of Tyranitar, significantly its Shadow variant, and delve into the impression of its Mega Evolution. Whether or not you’re in search of a top-tier Darkish attacker or a strong Rock-type addition to your staff, Tyranitar guarantees to ship.

Be part of us as we uncover the true prowess of Shadow Tyranitar and its exceptional journey from the shadows to the highlight.

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Seek out these Cliffs earlier than Shadow Larvitar goes away!

Associated: Pokémon GO Cliff Counters (June 2023)

Shadow Darkish Tyranitar redefines Darkish/Ghost attackers now. It’s at Mega Gengar tier, MILES forward of all different non-megas, is one of the helpful shadows in raids amongst every type, and may be very future-proof.

  • L30 Shadow Tyranitar = L50 Hydreigon and all others

Common Darkish Tyranitar = Hydreigon. Mayyybe 1% under Hydreigon, and it’s principally typing-dependent.

As soon as launched, Mega Tyranitar will develop into #1 Darkish and #1 Rock, each in solo efficiency (although Mega Diancie can be higher), and particularly in group harm contribution as a consequence of its bulk.

Darkish or Rock?

Darkish or Rock? Save 1 non-shadow of every for the mega, then: Shadow Darkish > Shadow Rock > Common Darkish = Hydreigon > Common Rock.

  • Ideally, each Shadow Darkish and Shadow Rock is price making groups of (Rock staff blended with Rampardos), however prioritize Darkish.
  • Shadow Rock can also be the #1 non-mega Rock, however simply barely, and can finally be outclassed. Hold no less than 1 for Rockets although.

Hold studying for

  • Why every Tyranitar can’t double obligation
  • Darkish/Ghost and Rock-type attacker comparability charts and Mega comparability charts
    • Temporary point out of Mega Sableye (it disappoints)
  • Is Shadow Tyranitar (Darkish) probably the most helpful raid attacker of every type? (Power & Utility metric)
  • Pairwise comparisons involving shadow and common Tyranitar
  • Future concerns
    • Shadow Darkrai with Darkish Void is the one one that may really outclass Shadow Tyranitar
  • Extra detailed suggestions on “Darkish vs. Rock
  • Record of my earlier analyses – now in Google Sheets!


At first of the Season of Hidden Gems, we received our seasonal Go Battle League transfer replace. As a part of the replace, Tyranitar can now study Brutal Swing as a part of its common, non-legacy moveset, utilizing a Common Charged TM.

Moreover, the season website has (by accident?) revealed that Mega Tyranitar will make its debut in Mega Raids from July 25 to August 4 (full schedule on Go Hub). A detailed look on the web site’s supply code additionally exhibits Mega Sableye’s launch from June 29 to July 6.

After I previously wrote about Tyranitar for its Group Day Traditional in January, my tone was slightly bleak, as common Tyranitar had already fallen approach under the tier lists of each Rock and Darkish attackers. Quoted from the TL;DR again then:

Until you missed December CD, calm down – 2023 will not be 2018. Common Tyranitar will not be vital anymore. Teban54, January 2023

However that was when Tyranitar’s Darkish moveset was Chew/Crunch, each being mediocre to dangerous strikes. Now, Tyranitar can as a substitute use Brutal Swing, a borderline overpowered (OP) transfer designed for Hydreigon to shine on its Group Day a yr in the past.

Does Brutal Swing assist each common and Shadow Tyranitar restore its 2017 glory? How will Mega Tyranitar (and Mega Sableye) carry out in raids as soon as they arrive? I’ll deal with these questions with the next components:

  1. Tyranitar (Common, Shadow, Mega) and Mega Sableye as Darkish/Ghost-type raid attackers
  2. Mega Tyranitar as a Rock-type raid attacker
  3. Future Issues – What else can meet up with Shadow Tyranitar?
  4. Verdict: Darkish or Rock?

If you happen to’re on desktop and wish to leap to a specific half, search “Half X”.

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A legacy quick transfer – why every Tyranitar can’t double obligation

A minor observe that needs to be apparent for veteran gamers, however nonetheless helpful to level out.

To operate as a Rock sort, Tyranitar wants Smack Down, a legacy quick transfer. This implies you possibly can’t construct a single Tyranitar and TM backwards and forwards between Darkish and Rock movesets. A person Tyranitar is locked in as both a Rock sort or a Darkish sort, not each.

This will likely power you to construct twice as many Tyranitars as you usually would – a Darkish staff and a Rock staff – if mandatory.

Do observe that it is possible for you to to get Smack Down by evolution throughout December 2023 Group Day, with no need an Elite Quick TM.

And when you actually wish to, you possibly can TM a Smack Down Tyranitar to Chew. It’s a one-way avenue: Rock -> Darkish is a sure, Darkish -> Rock is a no (or no less than costly).

Half 1: Tyranitar as a Darkish Attacker

[Part 1 TL;DR] Shadow Tyranitar redefines the Darkish/Ghost meta, being at Mega Gengar tier, and L30 Shadow Ttar = L50 different choices. It’s now a Tier 1 shadow in utility throughout every type.

Common Tyranitar is nearly the identical as Hydreigon, mayyybe 1% worse and typing-dependent.

Mega Tyranitar can also be at Mega Gengar tier, and can possible be the selection for a Darkish/Ghost Mega any more.

Darkish and Ghost attackers ranked by their common in-raid efficiency, utilizing ASE and ASTTW.

Charts of ASE with and with out dodging are here.


Brutal Swing is a HUGE improve on Tyranitar: an 18% enchancment, nearly the identical as shadow vs. non-shadow, and sufficient to cross a number of tiers.

  • Put it one other approach: Non-shadow Tyranitar with Brutal Swing is nearly as good as Shadow Tyranitar with out Brutal Swing.

Consequently, Shadow Tyranitar REDEFINES non-mega Darkish/Ghost attackers now.

  • Shadow Tyranitar’s energy will get to Mega Gengar tier, and most of the people ought to know the way OP Mega Gengar is. (Detailed comparisons later…)
  • All the things that we used to name “a prime Darkish/Ghost sort” will get left WAY behind. This contains Hydreigon, Shadow Weavile, Shadow Tyranitar with out Brutal Swing, Shadow Mewtwo (Shadow Ball), Giratina Origin, Darkrai. Now, Shadow Tyranitar at Degree 30 = all these choices at Degree 50, Hydreigon included.
  • For the DPS lovers, here‘s the ER and DPS desk. Certainly, even in uncooked DPS, Shadow Tyranitar is now the best amongst all non-mega Darkish/Ghost sorts – and it nonetheless has good bulk!

Common Tyranitar is now nearly the identical as Hydreigon, mayyybe 1% under. Collectively, they’re the prime non-shadow non-mega choices.

  • This additionally means it’s higher than Giratina-O and Darkrai.
  • So, non-shadow Tyranitar isn’t meta-defining per se, since Hydreigon already existed. If you happen to had a Hydreigon military from its CD, common Ttar doesn’t do something additional, other than typing variations. Put your assets into the shadows.
  • (Detailed comparisons later…)

When Mega Tyranitar arrives, it’s going to sit within the identical tier as Mega Gengar and Shadow Tyranitar in particular person efficiency. In different phrases, prime of the sort.

  • Mega > Shadow, however DO NOT PURIFY.
  • (Detailed comparisons and mega charts later…)

Shadow Tyranitar (Darkish)’s Unimaginable Utility

[Section TL;DR] As a result of excessive utility of Darkish/Ghost sorts (many bosses to make use of them in opposition to), Shadow Tyranitar is now one of the helpful raid attackers throughout every type. This may stay the case even after most future shadows (together with shadow legendaries) are launched. A stable Tier 1 shadow for raiding.

I’ve all the time handled Darkish and Ghost sorts as “one” of probably the most helpful sorts for raiding, if not the most helpful. Their principal roles are anti-Psychic and anti-Ghost, and it occurs that there’s a loopy variety of Psychic-type T5 bosses (maybe the commonest sort amongst legendaries).

Again once I wrote the Shadow Mewtwo analysis in January, I outlined a “Power and Utility” (S&U) metric, which mixes particular person powers of raid attackers with the variety of raids they can be utilized in opposition to. For instance, Shadow Mewtwo as a Psychic sort doesn’t do too nicely, as a result of Psychic attackers are hardly ever wanted.

With all anticipated future Gen 1-5 shadows at the moment – which included Shadow Hydreigon, however not Shadow Tyranitar with Brutal Swing – the metric seemed like this:

Power and Utility (S&U) metric with Gen 1-5 shadows in January 2023. “(Shadow) Hydreigon” on this chart is a detailed approximation for Shadow Tyranitar with Brutal Swing.

Deal with the “Hyderigon” on the chart as Shadow Tyranitar.

Which means… Shadow Tyranitar (Darkish) is among the most helpful raid attackers – #1 by the S&U metric. Each proper now, and in a future the place all Gen 1-5 shadows are launched.

The extremely highly effective (future) shadow legendaries that you simply’re pondering of: Shadow Mewtwo, Groudon, Rayquaza, Terrakion… By way of utility, all of them pale compared to Shadow Tyranitar.

  • One caveat is that this chart solely considers the utility of a single sort. Shadow Mamoswine’s utility in both of its sorts could also be decrease than Shadow Tyranitar, however its mixed utility will possible be larger no less than at the moment.

So sure, I might completely rank Shadow Tyranitar (Darkish) as a Tier 1 shadow in raids at the moment. (And my definition of Tier 1 was very restrictive. I ranked Shadow Mewtwo as Tier 2… And folks hated it.)

Comparisons: Mega & Shadow Tyranitar, and Mega Gengar

[Section TL;DR] Mega > Shadow Ttar. Mega Gengar technically “wins” extra typically than each (and nonetheless has the best DPS/TTW), however it’s very unreliable, and when it fails, it fails very badly.

Mega Tyranitar vs. Shadow Tyranitar vs. Mega Gengar (L40 finest pals)

Mega Tyranitar vs. Mega Gengar: (Particular person energy, with out harm boosting)

  • Mega Gengar could also be higher than Mega Tyranitar extra typically, however it’s WAY much less constant.
  • This is because of Mega Gengar’s fragility and weak point to Psychic strikes. Alternatively, Mega Tyranitar doesn’t worry a lot, besides Preventing strikes.
  • Consequently, Mega Tyranitar will get a greater common Estimator. (Bear in mind the bar chart above doesn’t present how a lot higher every choice is.) In TTW, Mega Gengar nonetheless pulls forward.

The opposite two pairs are evaluating apples (megas) to oranges (non-megas), however:

Shadow Tyranitar vs. Mega Gengar:

  • Identical dialogue as above, besides that Shadow Ttar fares worse than its Mega counterpart.
  • Their common Estimators are comparable at L40-50, whereas Mega Gengar is forward in TTW.

Mega Tyranitar vs. Shadow Tyranitar:

  • In principle, Shadow Ttar truly out-DPSes Mega Ttar by 2.1%. However Mega Ttar has 54% extra TDO, greater than sufficient to make up for it.
  • Certainly, in apply, Shadow’s tiny DPS benefit nearly evaporates. Mega is healthier.

Comparisons: Common Tyranitar vs. Hydreigon and others

[Section TL;DR] Hydreigon is technically nonetheless higher, however solely by 1%, and mainly typing-dependent. Tyranitar outclasses most different choices, arguably besides Shadow Weavile.

Tyranitar vs. different comparable Darkish and Ghost attackers (L40 finest pals)

All the things listed right here was once the “golden normal” for Darkish and Ghost. Now, even non-shadow Tyranitar no less than places up a combat, if not straight up outclasses them. (Recall that Shadow Tyranitar is above all of them by 18%.)

Beginning with Tyranitar vs. Hydreigon, because it’s probably the most related pair.

  • Hydreigon has a 256 base assault to Tyranitar’s 251, however Ttar has extra protection and HP. Now that they’ve the identical moveset, Hydreigon naturally has barely larger DPS, whereas Tyranitar has larger TDO.
  • From the bar chart… Sure, Hydreigon is technically nonetheless higher.
  • Nonetheless, it’s solely higher by a tiny quantity – often on the size of 1%.
    • Here‘s a plot of the extent to which each is healthier than the opposite. In 80% of circumstances, the distinction is minimal.
  • In apply, what’s most popular basically boils right down to typing variations.

Tyranitar vs. Shadow Weavile can also be fascinating: Shadow Weavile is a basic glass cannon, stronger in one of the best case, however very dangerous. However when you’re evaluating to a shadow… Why not use Shadow Tyranitar as a substitute?

Tyranitar mainly outclasses the remaining (Darkrai, Giratina-O, Chandelure, Gholdengo), other than typing disadvantages, similar to Focus Blast Mewtwo.

Darkish and Ghost-type Mega Comparisons

[Section TL;DR] Mega Tyranitar > all darkish megas, and > Mega Gengar except everybody else makes use of Ghost. Mega Sableye disappoints.

Comparability of dark- and ghost-type megas, by way of harm as much as a hard and fast time-frame (relative to the no-mega baseline). Large sort icons denote attackers that different raiders use.

As standard, this chart appears on the query “Which mega contributes probably the most harm to the group”, accounting for each its personal harm output and its mega enhance to different raiders. Word that Primal Kyogre/Groudon within the sixth slot should be one of the best ways to contribute harm (methodology defined in my Mega Pinsir analysis).

If you happen to don’t wish to “use” a Primal…

Sure, Mega Tyranitar will outclass all Darkish-type Megas on all fronts – in each energy (Houndoom) and group boosting (Gyarados).

Evaluating to Mega Gengar:

  • If you happen to coordinate so that everybody else makes use of Ghost sorts, then Mega Gengar is healthier.
  • Nonetheless, when you’re undecided what others will deliver, Mega Tyranitar is healthier, typically by far.

A quick point out on Mega Sableye. In principle, having the ability to enhance each Darkish and Ghost harm – no matter what others select – sounds very attractive. Sadly, Mega Sableye’s laughable energy and mediocre bulk means it will probably’t execute that nicely. It’s worse than Mega Tyranitar in nearly all conditions, together with when others use Ghost sorts.

Half 2: Mega Tyranitar as a Rock Attacker

[Part 2 TL;DR] Mega Tyranitar’s particular person energy is barely above Mega Aerodactyl (present finest Rock sort), and barely under Mega Diancie. Nonetheless, its superior bulk makes it one of the best mega for contributing harm in group raids.

Rock attackers ranked by their common in-raid efficiency, utilizing ASE and ASTTW.

Charts of ASE with and with out dodging are here.


In particular person energy, Mega Tyranitar is one of the best Rock attacker, being higher than Mega Aerodactyl… However simply barely.

  • It can even have a worse solo efficiency than Mega Diancie, when/if it’s launched at Go Fest. (Not proven on the chart)
  • Nonetheless, Mega Tyranitar has an enormous bulk benefit over Mega Diancie and Aerodactyl, making it the Rock-type Mega of alternative as a consequence of boosting different gamers. (Extra on this in a second…)

Temporary observe on Shadow and common Tyranitar:

  • Shadow Tyranitar is one of the best non-mega Rock sort in Estimator, however solely barely forward of Rampardos. In massive lobbies (TTW), Rampardos truly catches up.
    • Shadow/Mega Tyranitar are tanks, whereas Rampardos and Mega Aerodactyl are glass cannons. The latter have larger DPS respectively, however not sufficient bulk to completely shine when re lobbying is a priority.
    • A blended foyer of, say, 3 Rampardos adopted by 3 Shadow Tyranitar might carry out even higher.
  • Non-shadow Tyranitar is worse than a number of choices, and #6 non-shadow non-mega.

Extra discussions on Shadow and common Tyranitar with Smack Down could be present in my CD Traditional evaluation.

Rock-type Mega Comparisons

Comparability of rock-type megas, by way of harm as much as a hard and fast time-frame (relative to the no-mega baseline).

Quite simple chart.

Mega Tyranitar is one of the best Rock-type mega to make use of in group raids for harm contribution, as a consequence of its superior bulk offering the 30% mega enhance for longer. Despite the fact that it’s weaker than Mega Diancie by itself.

Half 3: Future Issues – What else can meet up with Shadow Tyranitar?

[Part 3 TL;DR] Shadow Tyranitar may be very future-proof as a Darkish sort. Future counters similar to Shadow Hydreigon might develop into comparable, however nothing can really outclass it till we get Shadow Darkrai with Darkish Void. Nonetheless, as a Rock sort, it’s going to finally be outclassed by Shadow Rhyperior, Shadow Rampardos, and so forth.

Future Darkish-type Attackers

Future and speculative darkish and ghost attackers ranked by ASE and ASTTW.

Charts of ASE with and with out dodging are here.


If we’re solely speaking about what can outclass Shadow Tyranitar? The reply is: Solely Shadow Darkrai, as soon as it will get Darkish Void.

A number of issues can develop into equal to Shadow Tyranitar or barely under, nonetheless:

  • Shadow Hydreigon. Identical to their non-shadow varieties, their shadows will possible tie one another.
  • Darkrai (non-shadow) with Darkish Void, if the transfer is sufficiently OP.
  • Shadow Darkrai with its present strikes. If Niantic by no means provides us Darkish Void.
  • Calyrex Shadow Rider, if it will get a Sport Grasp moveset change and receives Hex.
  • Hoopa Unbound with its signature transfer.

Blacephalon (with the absolute best strikes) and Shadow Chandelure will lie between non-shadow and Shadow Tyranitars, however most likely on the decrease aspect.

In brief… Shadow Tyranitar is fairly darn future-proof as a Darkish sort.

Future Rock Attackers

Alternatively, as a Rock sort, Shadow Tyranitar is ready to be outclassed by future shadows. Specifically, Shadow Rhyperior and Shadow Rampardos. (And to a much less extent, Shadow Terrakion and Shadow Gigalith.)

I coated them in my CD Traditional evaluation in January, together with potentialities of Tyranitar receiving higher Rock-type strikes. You possibly can leap to the charts here.

Half 4: Verdict – Darkish or Rock?

So right here’s a punchline:

Would you like a #1 Darkish that’s miles forward of different Darkish sorts, or a #1 Rock that’s solely barely forward of different Rock sorts?

A #1 Darkish that’s not possible to be outclassed, or a #1 Rock that can be outclassed ultimately?

Based mostly on this, right here’s a extra detailed set of recommendation:

Type Darkish Rock
Mega 1 non-shadow Darkish for Mega 1 non-shadow Rock for Mega
Shadow As many Shadow Darkish as attainable Ideally additionally a staff of Shadow Rock and Rampardos, no less than 1, however decrease precedence than Darkish
Non-shadow Spherical out your Hydreigon staff, when you lack Shadow Ttars Simply the 1 Mega, except you lack all the higher choices

Or, as a one-liner: After 1 Mega for every, Shadow Darkish > Shadow Rock > Common Darkish = Hydreigon > Common Rock. If it’s good to select between restricted Shadow Larvitars with good IVs, prioritize Darkish.

  • DO NOT PURIFY! Use one other non-shadow for the mega.
  • I like to recommend having no less than 1 Shadow Rock for Rocket battles. Smack Down Ttar is superior, particularly in opposition to Flying grunts.

Components that went into the suggestions above, which additionally function a recap of the entire article:

  1. Megas for each sorts is a should.
  2. Each Shadow Darkish and Shadow Rock are at present the #1 non-mega of their sorts. Each are price constructing groups of (although the Rock staff could also be blended with Rampardos).
  3. Shadow Darkish fares considerably higher amongst its personal sort than Shadow Rock, is stronger in uncooked energy, and can also be extra future-proof.
  4. I’d strive my finest to not TM a Shadow Rock to Darkish – discover a higher one from Cliff. However when you actually must, Rampardos and Rhyperior get you coated. Shadow SD Tyranitar is forward of Rhyperior, however they fulfil the identical position: a Rock-type tank.
  5. Shadow Ttar > Common Ttar, in fact. So ideally, any assets ought to ideally go into the shadows earlier than the non-shadows (if in any respect).
  6. Common Darkish = Hydreigon, or 1% under. Anybody that has already constructed a Hydreigon staff doesn’t want one other common Tyranitar. If you happen to haven’t, common Ttar is superior, however why not construct a Shadow Ttar as a substitute?
  7. Regualr Rock < Rampardos, Rhyperior, Terrakion, Tyrantrum, Gigalith. TM’ing Common Rock to Darkish wouldn’t be too loopy.

After all, these are normal pointers and should differ based mostly in your availability of attackers, preferences (e.g. Distinctive 6, hate shadows), and so forth.

In the end, do what makes you content.

What’s subsequent?

I’ll begin engaged on Breaking Swipe Haxorus evaluation ASAP. Preliminary ideas could be discovered here.

Past that, I’ll possible be cutting down the frequency and depth of my analyses quickly. Extra particulars and explanations to return. (This text is already much less in-depth than it may have been.)

Appendix: Previous analyses on different sorts

A whole checklist of all my previous analyses – on each single sort aside from regular – can now be present in this spreadsheet!

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