Unannounced Crew GO Rocket Modifications: Grunts and Sierra lineup modified

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Trainers, plainly some unannounced Crew GO Rocket lineup adjustments have occurred, affecting the GO Rocket Grunts and Rocket Chief Sierra. Niantic has been silent about these adjustments, however we assume they had been made in an effort to make sure Grunts extra balanced, and to make the brand new Shadow Rhyorn extra accessible.

As of the time of this writing, we've got confirmed and verified with our Japanese colleagues that the next adjustments have occurred:

Crew GO Rocket Grunts

Crew GO Rocket
  • Shadow Rhyhorn is now out there within the first slot of Floor-type Grunt battles (“You’ll be defeated into the bottom!”)
  • Shadow Magnemite is again within the first slot of “Get able to be shocked!” – Electrical-type Grunt
  • Shadow Alolan Muk changed Shadow Muk within the second slot of “Wherever there's mild, there's additionally shadow.” – Darkish-type Grunt
  • Shadow Wooper, Shadow Blitzle and Shadow Shinx have been faraway from their respective Grunts

Crew GO Rocket Chief Sierra

Sierra Counters
Sierra Counters
  • GO Rocket Chief Sierra not makes use of Shadow Kingdra as a 3rd slot Pokémon, it was changed by Shadow Houndoom

Our ideas

The addition of Shadow Rhyhorn as a possible first slot Pokémon for the Floor-type Grunt is a welcome change, because it makes Shadow Rhyperior a lot simpler to acquire. Preliminary knowledge prompt that Shadow Rhyhorn was beforehand catchable in 12% encounters following a combat with the Floor-type Grunt, which made it very, very tough to get.

The elimination of Muk in favour of Alolan Muk can be good, because it makes it safer to make use of a Combating-type primarily based lineup in opposition to the Darkish-type Grunt. It's best to most likely think about using Floor sorts along with fighters, however nonetheless, one much less headache to fret about.

Sierra needs to be considerably simpler now that Houndoom is a possible enemy, as Kingdra was arguably a tougher opponent than Houndoom. 

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