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Greninja is a fan-favourite Pokémon from the Kalos area, the ultimate evolution of Froakie, the Water sort starter Pokémon. Ash Greninja alternatively, is a totally completely different story. within the Anime, Ash and his Greninja needed to undergo a bond evolution course of for the Greninja to have the ability to unlock some hidden potential and acquire power. This Pokémon is now known as Ash Greninja, and we’ve seen this being datamined by the PokeMiners throughout July 2021. It was leaked alongside Vivillion, Primal Groudon and Kyogre, Hoopa, Keldeo and Shaymin. Most of those have already been launched, so it’s probably that Ash Greninja will come to the sport in some unspecified time in the future too.

  • Froakie

  • Frogadier

  • Greninja


Ash Greninja nonetheless has but to make its debut in Pokémon GO, however there are a lot of methods it might be launched into the sport. 

In January of 2023, we noticed the starter group days coming again into Pokémon GO after a few 12 months or so of absence. Chespin, the primary starter from the Kalos area was featured throughout this occasion, with the everyday Neighborhood Day shiny debut. It appears probably we might see Froakie group day in some unspecified time in the future in 2023, relying on how Niantic determine to house the starters out.

Nonetheless, there are possibilities we don’t see Ash Greninja dropping with Froakie Neighborhood Day because it is likely to be overwhelming. Raid Days could be an effective way to introduce Ash Greninja. However I wouldn’t be stunned if it will get locked behind a paid-ticketed analysis identical to we noticed just lately with Melmetal and Willow clothes.

The Shiny

Black shinies are an enormous fan favorite, they are often beautiful, and enjoyable. Ash Greninja isn’t any exception! Its physique is black, with a protracted tongue and many of the higher mouth, and its head being purple. The highest a part of its head and the again is a delicate shade of blue.

As soon as it drops, will probably be a sought-after shiny by most of us. 

Shiny Ash Greninja has not been obtainable in the primary collection video games and has solely been seen in video games because of hacking.

How will it Work?

Greninja wants a capability often known as Battle Bond for it to ‘Bond Evolve’ and switch into Ash Greninja within the Anime. However, we don’t have skills in Pokémon GO. So how will this work?

Sadly, nobody is aware of for positive, we are able to solely speculate. It will be cool to see a ‘Bond Revert’ or ‘Bond Evolve’ button in Pokémon GO; identical to we’ve proper now with Mega Evolutions and Primals. It will work the identical approach. 30 days to succeed in max degree, and there are sweet and XP bonuses and etcetera. It might have a particular friendship evolution requirement, needing to be a sure degree or to earn an quantity of hearts, earlier than it may well evolve.

Niantic might additionally lock Ash Greninja behind a Raid Day or make it the 4th evolution of Froakie. Additionally it is attainable that for a restricted time, we might evolve Frogadier into Ash Greninja as an alternative of regular Greninja, type of like what we had with Exeggute and Cubone final 12 months through the Season of Alola. (Exeggute and Cubone, for a restricted time, advanced into their Alolan types as an alternative of their Kantonian ones)

In these situations, we’d have Ash Greninja as a totally completely different and separate Pokémon than regular Greninja which wouldn’t be too unhealthy, except you’ve got already advanced your 100iv Froakies into Greninja. 

Common Stats 

Sufficient hypothesis.

Now let’s discuss Ash Greninja’s stats. Disclaimer: Ash Greninja has not been launched but in Pokémon GO, so these might probably change. Niantic might nerf Ash Greninja. However, hopefully, these would be the stats and little ought to change. 

With present speculated stats, Ash Greninja at degree 50 would have a max CP of 4,504. Simply insane for a non-mega and non-pseudo legendary Pokémon. These are the present predicted stats:

  • ATK: 339
  • DEF: 155
  • STA: 176 

At the moment, it may well be taught the next strikes:

Quick Transfer Charged Transfer
  • Feint Assault Darkish
  • Bubble Water
  • Night time Slash Darkish
  • Aerial Ace Flying
  • Surf Water
  • Hydro Pump Water


Ash Greninja can be a Prime Canine of its typing: Darkish and Water. It ought to rank extremely, just under Primal Kyogre relying on movesets, and probably above the likes of Mega Swampert, Mega Blastoise and shadow Water sorts.

With Bubble and Surf will probably be the third finest Water sort raid attacker within the sport, solely behind Primal Kyogre with Waterfall and Origin Pulse, and Primal Kyogre once more however this time with Waterfall and Surf.

Be aware that since Froakie is a starter Pokémon, it’s attainable that Ash Greninja might be taught Hydro Cannon throughout its group day, as all of the earlier Water starters have been given the identical transfer up to now. There may be additionally a excessive chance that it learns its signature transfer Water Shuriken through the group day, identical to Samurott discovered Razor Shell. Hydro Cannon would positively high Surf, and make Ash Greninja even higher as a Water sort raid attacker, whereas Water Shuriken might exchange Bubble to be a greater quick transfer. This can general improve Ash Greninja and make it much more helpful. Although Water sort isn’t a brilliant helpful sort, it’s nonetheless fairly good to counter tough raid bosses akin to Groudon, Primal Groudon, Landorus, Terrakion, and extra. 

Now for the Darkish typing, Ash Greninja isn’t going to be the very best, however will probably be strong, and a greater price range possibility than the higher ones. It ought to nonetheless fall into the highest 10 Darkish sort raid attackers, behind the likes of Shadow Weavile, Shadow Honchkrow, Shadow Absol, Mega Absol and Mega Houndoom.

Shadows are exhausting to energy up as they require extra XL sweet and stardust, so Ash Greninja could be a strong price range possibility. When you’ve got a good IV Ash Greninja you’re higher off utilizing it as a water-type raid attacker, as a result of that’s the place it principally shines. However there’s no hurt in conserving one for darkish typing as effectively. You have to the transfer Feint Assault, and Night time Slash on it for those who plan on doing that. 


Now that was PVE, however what about PVP? How will Ash Greninja shine within the GO Battle League? 

If Ash Greninja is launched by means of a ‘Bond Evolve’ phenomenon, then it gained’t be allowed within the GBL in any respect, excluding the limited-time Grasp League: Mega Version. But when it isn’t, then will probably be fairly good.

Proper now, Greninja is a reasonably spammy Pokémon within the GBL because it has entry to fast charging strikes akin to Night time Slash and Surf. Hydro Pump takes eternally to cost, and Aerial Ace doesn’t qualify for STAB. If Greninja had been to be taught some harder-hitting charged strikes akin to Hydro Cannon, and a greater quick transfer like Water Shuriken, it will develop into way more threatening in GBL. Not essentially like Swampert which solely has one weak spot, however it will enhance nonetheless. At the moment, Greninja is ranked #491 within the open GL; #347 within the open UL, and #259 within the open ML. 

Other than higher strikes, Greninja additionally wants extra bulk. It’s a Glass Cannon, which means although it’s actually, actually good offensively, its stamina may be very low. Pokémon like Registeel and Medicham shine within the UL since they’re very cumbersome, and don’t get one shot after they get hit by a transfer they’re weak in opposition to. 

Now, take all of that and apply it to Ash Greninja. Since Ash Greninja has nearly 1,500 extra CP than the conventional one and higher states, it will develop into an absolute MONSTER within the ML, as soon as it learns these strikes. With a max CP of a whopping 4504 and its twin typing of Water and Darkish, Ash Greninja would develop into a menace to some widespread Pokémon used within the Grasp League, akin to Tyranitar, Mewtwo, Metagross, Groudon, Ho-Oh, and Lugia. 


Wild, proper? Effectively, thanks for taking the time to learn this text. And collectively let’s cross our fingers 🤞 that Ash Greninja drops actually quickly, and doesn’t get nerfed. Till subsequent time, trainers!

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