Unreleased Pokémon From Generations 1-4 in Pokémon GO: What’s Left?

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All through Pokémon GO's 7 yr lifespan, there have been over 700 launched species of Pokémon. When the sport launched, Niantic would launch virtually a whole era of Pokémon every year, which we noticed with the discharge of many of the Johto and Hoenn Pokédex's, respectively. There have been all the time a number of particular Pokémon and distinctive varieties that had been held for later launch, however the overwhelming majority had been launched in a single huge wave. Nonetheless, because the years have passed by, Niantic has slowed the discharge of latest generations.

These days, we often solely see one evolutionary line launched at a time, often coinciding with an occasion. Even regardless of this, we have now nonetheless seen nearly all of Pokémon from generations 1-7 launched over the previous few years. At this time I needed to go over the remaining Pokémon, alternate varieties, regional evolutions, and Mega Evolutions which have but to be launched for the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh areas, in addition to after we might probably see their launch.

One factor to notice for a few of you which may be extra accustomed to the principle collection sport is the omission of Convergent Pokémon and Paradox Pokémon. Whereas these are technically thought-about to be be associated to their extra acquainted counterparts, they're handled as completely new species, relatively than a brand new evolution. As such, Wiglett, Toadscool, and the Paradox Pokémon won't be included on this listing. Who is aware of, perhaps we might cowl these Pokémon in their very own separate article a while down the road?

Lastly, please notice that that is all hypothesis. With out additional ado, let's head off to the primary area!


We now have to start out off with the unique, iconic area. Upon the sport's launch, nearly all of the Kanto Pokédex was launched, excluding Ditto and the legendaries. This was the primary area who's Pokédex was in a position to 100% full. Nonetheless, there are nonetheless a number of alternate varieties from the principle collection that we might nonetheless see later down the road.

Cosplay Pikachu

You may very well already be accustomed to Cosplay Pikachu. It was launched in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire as a present Pokémon. This distinctive Pikachu is ready to change costumes and be taught a singular transfer primarily based on its costume. Cosplay Pikachu's Libre, Rock Star, and Pop Star varieties have already been accessible in Pokémon GO by way of GO Battle League rewards and GO Fest 2021, respectively. The particular strikes for every kind are Flying Press Combating for Libre, Meteor Mash Metal for Rock Star, and Draining Kiss Fairy for Pop Star.

The 2 unreleased varieties, pictured above, are the Belle kind, which may be taught Icicle Crash Ice, and the Ph.D. kind, which may be taught Electrical Terrain Electrical, a standing transfer not at the moment accessible in Pokémon GO. We might doubtlessly see these two launched in a similar way to the Rock Star and Pop Star varieties alongside a future GO Fest occasion.

Paldean Tauros

Tauros lastly acquired some love within the type of not one, however three regional variants from the Paldea area. The Fight Breed is a pure Combating kind, whereas the Blaze and Aqua Breeds are Combating / Fireplace and Combating / Water varieties, respectively.

In Scarlet and Violet, the Fight Breed is a quite common spawn, whereas the Blaze and Aqua Breeds are a lot rarer. Tauros's standing as a regional Pokémon complicates their launch, however they may doubtlessly make their debut in the same method to Galarian Mr. Mime. I hope they don't paywall it once more, however even when they do, they are going to possible be launched within the wild or in analysis in some unspecified time in the future after its launch. Nonetheless, this possible received't occur for some time because of Paldean Tauros belonging to the Era 9 Pokédex.

Mega Mewtwo X/Y

The ultimate Mega Evolutions from Kanto, and simply essentially the most highly effective, each of Mega Mewtwo's varieties are tied with Mega Rayquaza for the very best base-stat totals within the base video games for all obtainable Pokémon. Mega Mewtwo X is a Psychic / Combating kind whereas Mega Mewtwo Y is a pure Psychic kind.

With Mega Rayquaza and Mega Diancie, the one different two legendary/legendary Mega Evolutions, being launched not too long ago at GO Fest 2023, it will be affordable to guess that Mega Mewtwo could be launched in a similar way, perhaps at GO Fest 2024 or past. Niantic could maintain off on their launch, as they are going to simply be amongst strongest Pokémon within the sport.


Now we'll transfer on to to Kanto's subsequent door neighbor. I can nonetheless keep in mind the immense hype when the Johto Pokédex was launched. Up till that time, we had solely had entry to the identical pool of Kanto Pokémon, so seeing silhouettes seem on the close by tab was tremendous thrilling! Johto's Pokédex can be at the moment accessible to 100% full. The listing of unreleased varieties is fairly transient in comparison with a number of the upcoming generations.

Paldean Wooper/Clodsire

The ever-lovable Wooper acquired a brand new kind within the Paldea area, affectionately nicknamed “Pooper”. With it comes a model new evolution, Clodsire. Each are twin Poison / Floor varieties.

Wooper is definitely confirmed to be receiving its personal Group Day occasion later this yr, which is able to function the discharge of its Paldean kind and Clodsire. Whereas these leaks haven't been confirmed, this could be an thrilling option to obtain a model new Pokémon together with its shiny kind!

Mega Heracross

Mega Heracross is a brand new kind that can deliver some a lot wanted like to the Bug kind. It could appear as if it will current a problem because of its standing as a area. Nonetheless, this didn't deter Niantic once they launched Mega Kangaskhan, which can be a regional. It could possible be a really restricted launch window, however Heracross was already briefly accessible globally through the Johto Tour occasion, so releasing its Mega ought to occur in the same method.

Galarian Corsola/Cursola

In Era 8, Corsola acquired a regional variant that needs to be probably the greatest Pokémon design ideas in the complete sport. Corsola and its evolution, Cursola, are impressed by the coral reefs which were sadly been destroyed by people. It's pure Ghost typing is unfortunately applicable.

Corsola is one more Pokémon that may be a regional unique inside Pokémon GO. Whereas I hope to see it added to the 7KM egg pool, I believe it's a a lot safer guess to imagine that this line may also get the Galarian Mr. Mime therapy.


Wyrdeer is the Hisuian evolution of Stantler. A twin Regular / Psychic kind, it's a a lot deserved improve for one of many forgotten Pokémon of Johto.

In Pokémon Legends: Arceus, Wyrdeer was among the many few evolutions to be launched for current types of Pokémon, relatively than the bottom kind getting a Hisuian kind like Growlithe. Equally to Hisuian Avalugg and Kleavor, the evolution to Wyrdeer is barely meant to be doable within the distant previous of the Hisui area. As such, I might count on Wyrdeer to obtain a raid day just like Avalugg and Kleavor a while sooner or later.


With the introduction of Kecleon on the Hoenn Tour occasion, the Era 3 Pokédex can be in a position to be 100% accomplished inside Pokémon GO. The entire unreleased varieties for Era 3 Pokémon are Mega Evolutions. That is as a result of launch of the Hoenn remakes, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (ORAS). Launched through the Era 6 period, Mega Evolutions had been model new, and ORAS launched a further set of Megas to associate with the set launched in X and Y, lots of which had been initially found within the Hoenn area.

Mega Mawile

Mega Mawile was an absolute monster when it was launched in the principle collection video games. It's twin Metal / Fairy typing is the perfect kind combo within the sport, and its capability after Mega-Evolving doubled its bodily assault stat!

Sadly, with out its capability, Mega Mawile's stats are nonetheless beneath common. Whereas it's going to possible be launched in raids in some unspecified time in the future sooner or later, it's going to possible fall into the beneath usable tier that Mega Sableye and Mega Medicham are in now, who additionally suffered because of shedding their talents and below-average stats.

Mega Sharpedo

Mega Sharpedo was launched because the newly upgraded ace of Staff Aqua Chief Archie in ORAS. It was a good way to provide some life to one of many in sport bosses and supplied a pleasant energy enhance to Sharpedo. Sadly in Pokémon GO, Mega Sharpedo has to compete with the likes of Mega Swampert for Water varieties and Mega Tyranitar for Darkish varieties. No matter its viability, count on to see it in Mega Raids sooner or later, perhaps through the subsequent Water Pageant occasion.

Mega Camerupt

The counterpart to the earlier entry, Mega Camerupt was launched as Staff Magma Chief Maxie's ace. Whereas it's certainly one of my favourite Mega Evolution designs (its shiny kind is completely unbelievable!), it does nothing to assist Camerupt conquer its crippling Velocity and devastating 4x weak spot to Water. In Pokémon GO, it has the unlucky curse of being the very same kind as Primal Groudon, which is able to outclass it at each flip. Nonetheless, it needs to be a simple Mega Raid Boss due to its 4x weak spot.

Mega Metagross

I'm slightly biased right here, since Metagross is my favourite Pokémon, however this design is completely unbelievable. In ORAS, Mega Metagross was the ace of Champion Steven Stone, and within the anime, it was a shiny Mega Metagross. Discuss a flex!

Mega Metagross one of many 4 pseudo-legendaries that acquired a Mega Evolution, alongside Tyranitar, Salamence, and Garchomp. Seeing as every of those Pokémon will dominate their respective typings within the PVE division, alongside Metagross being one one of many extra PVP outstanding pseudos together with Garchomp, I might guess that Niantic is holding off on releasing this one. I personally can't wait till we are able to problem this beast in Mega Raids a while within the distant future.


Era 4 is subsequent up on the listing. Sinnoh is chalk filled with fan favorites, lots of which have already been launched. Sinnoh can be subsequent in line to obtain its iteration of the Regional Tour occasion. For some extra in depth hypothesis, see our article right here. For this text, I'll simply briefly cowl the remaining unreleased varieties/Pokémon.

Mega Garchomp

As if Champion Cynthia's signature ace wasn't terrifying sufficient, Garchomp recieved a Mega Evolution that took it hovering to new heights. In Pokémon GO, Garchomp already has all of the instruments it must be one of many high contenders, bolstered by its Group Day transfer Earth Energy, and its Mega Evolution will solely enhance it. Equally to Mega Metagross, I count on Niantic to carry off on releasing this one for some time, so get grinding for that hundo Gible now!

Mega Lucario

If you happen to've performed X and Y or watched its corresponding anime, you'll be accustomed to this one. The signature accomplice of Health club Chief Korrina, you possibly can obtain a Mega Lucario alongside your journey by way of Kalos that will help you tear by way of the remainder of the sport. In Pokémon GO, Lucario with Aura Sphere is already one of many strongest Combating varieties within the sport, and its Mega Evolution will solidify this title. Hopefully we are going to see it launched quickly, perhaps alongside the Sinnoh Tour occasion. Regardless, you should definitely replenish on Mega Power each time it's featured in Mega Raids.

Mega Gallade

Mega Gallade was your rival Wally's ace in ORAS, and is the right counterpart to Mega Gardevoir. Sadly, Mega Gallade doesn't precisely measure up in comparison with different Combating and Psychic kind Mega Evolutions, and it's moveset is considerably underwhelming. Nonetheless, I might simply see it being launched in Mega Raids throughout subsequent yr's Valentine's Day occasion, particularly since that can be occurring proper across the potential Sinnoh Tour occasion.

Rotom (regular, Fan, Warmth)

Rotom is an Electrical / Ghost Pokémon that has a singular gimmick in the principle collection video games. It has the power to own certainly one of 5 totally different home equipment, altering its Ghost typing to Fireplace, Water, Ice, Flying, or Grass relying on the equipment.

Rotom's Wash, Mow, and Frost varieties have been every been launched completely throughout GO Fest occasions over the previous few years. Surprisingly, its base kind has but to make an look. This can be because of its first look in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. Just one Rotom is ready to be encountered per save file, and it's a static encounter within the Previous Chateau. Due to this, it might doubtlessly be launched by way of analysis, equally to Spiritomb. It's remaining Warmth and Fan varieties could also be seen in a while by way of future GO Fests. Hopefully it turns into extra extensively accessible relatively than a restricted launch prefer it has been prior to now.

Phione and Manaphy

Manaphy is a part of the group of legendary Pokémon that some followers have nicknamed the “fairy mythicals”. To not be confused as precise Fairy varieties, this was a pattern that persevered for the primary a number of generations of Pokémon beginning with Mew. Manaphy has the distinctive property of being the one legendary or legendary Pokémon that may breed in the principle collection video games. Nonetheless, the egg acquired will solely hatch right into a Phione.

It was all the time speculated that Manaphy and Phione could be launched alongside a breeding mechanic inside Pokémon GO. Nonetheless, for a lot of totally different causes, breeding will possible not be launched into the sport. Due to this, I might count on Manaphy and Phione to be featured in a Particular Analysis storyline a while down the street, perhaps on the aforementioned Sinnoh Tour.


The god of Pokémon itself is the ultimate Sinnoh Pokémon that has but to be launched in Pokémon GO. Whereas its base kind is a Regular kind, Arceus has the distinctive capability to turn into any of the 18 varieties by holding the corresponding Plate merchandise in the principle collection, and it takes on a singular kind primarily based on its kind.

Whereas Arceus is a legendary Pokémon, it is among the few that might match as a Raid Boss, equally to Darkrai and Deoxys. Nonetheless, this doesn't appear to be particular sufficient therapy for the literal god of Pokémon. It might doubtlessly be featured within the Sinnoh Tour by way of analysis equally to Manaphy. Nonetheless, I might like to see it obtain some form of particular therapy.

I'm going to completely dive into hypothesis for a second. Think about that we obtain Arceus by way of a Particular Analysis story. It could seem in its base Regular kind kind. So as to change its typing, we must battle the varied types of Arceus by way of a particular raid weekend occasion. Doing so would earn vitality, just like Mega Power, that may very well be used to briefly change Arceus's kind.

I completely perceive that this could be an especially limiting option to launch Arceus's numerous varieties, and realistically, I don't need this function to be paywalled behind raids. Nonetheless, in a purely speculative sense, this could be a enjoyable, artistic option to permit Arceus to vary varieties with out having all 18 varieties catchable individually, or forcing us to pay to vary its kind just like Hoopa or Shaymin. Right here's hoping that Niantic finds a enjoyable option to implement this function that's truthful to everybody, but additionally pays respect to the creator of all Pokémon.


And there we have now it! These are all the unreleased varieties, Pokémon, and evolutions that we have now but to obtain for generations 1-4 in Pokémon GO. After all, there are another distinctive varieties from spinoff video games, motion pictures, and extra that I didn't point out. Niantic has demonstrated by way of Armored Mewtwo that nothing is off the desk, so right here's hoping!

I needed to incorporate all the unreleased varieties/Pokémon from Unova, Kalos, and Alola as effectively, however I've rambled on sufficient for one article. Keep tuned for half 2!

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