Vikavolt as a Bug and Electrical-type Raid Attacker: Higher than you may assume!

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Despite the fact that the CD transfer Volt Swap is irrelevant in raids, Vikavolt is definitely a reliable raid attacker in each its sorts, particularly as a Bug.

Bug The most effective “realistically reasonably priced” Bug attacker – all the things above it's too costly to be value it. That is your finest likelihood – by far – to construct a low cost Bug-type group for its future makes use of, even for many veteran gamers!

  • Proper now, you typically don't want Bug attackers, as a result of they're severely outclassed by Ghost and Darkish attackers of their foremost function (anti-Psychic). New gamers can nonetheless use it as a price range anti-Psychic counter.
  • Nonetheless, a number of future bosses (and previous boss Hoopa Unbound) basically require Bug attackers. Getting a group of (as much as 6) degree 30 Vikavolts this CD, advanced from wild catches with out spending mud, is an effective way to arrange for these area of interest circumstances.

Electrical Price range attacker, however of curiosity to new gamers with no full Electrical group.

My analyses of different sorts are in this spreadsheet. You can even comply with me on Twitter (X) and Threads!

Occasion Data

Grubbin Neighborhood Day occurs on Saturday, September 23, from 2pm to 5pm native time. Any Charjabug (mid-evo) and Vikavolt advanced between 2pm and 10pm will know the unique CD quick transfer Volt Swap.

Vikavolt as a Bug attacker

Bug attackers ranked by their common in-raid efficiency, utilizing ASE and ASTTW.

Chart with ASE Dodge might be discovered here.

From the angle of raiding solely, the principle contribution of this CD is: Giving everybody free entry to a nice bug attacker.

Vikavolt (Bug Chew/X-Scissor) is the #3 non-shadow non-mega bug attacker, solely behind Volcarona and Pheromosa. This implies all the things above it's costly or quantity-limited: Shadows, Megas, and the 2 aforementioned ones.

As we'll see under, whereas bug sorts received't be ineffective, they're not helpful sufficient to be spending a loopy quantity of stardust and (uncommon) candies on. So probably the most sensible bug-type group will comprise of largely Vikavolts.

You may catch as much as 6 high-level (high-CP) Grubbins throughout CD, evolve them (and do away with Volt Swap) no matter IVs, and get 6 Vikavolts at Degree 30-35 with out spending any stardust. Realistically, that's the very best bug group you'll actually want – and a darn good one at that.

  • In fact, nothing stops you from powering up high-IV Vikavolts as a substitute, in case you can spare the mud. It's nonetheless far more accessible than shadows, Volcarona and Pheromosa.

Utility of Bug attackers

Typically, bug attackers usually are not very helpful, primarily as a consequence of their low energy.

  • Their foremost function in PoGO raids is as anti-Psychic attackers, however this implies they'll must compete with Ghost and Darkish attackers, that are each a lot stronger and extra generally constructed amongst veteran gamers.
  • Vikavolt particularly is worse than non-shadow Weavile, Gengar and the outdated Crunch Tyranitar, and miles behind the likes of Brutal Swing Tyranitar.
    • I made this chart to match Bug, Ghost and Darkish attackers throughout the Volcarona evaluation. The chart is now outdated and lacking Brutal Swing Tyranitar.
    • A caveat: If it's raining or a fellow raider is working (background) Primal Kyogre, bug sorts enhance considerably. (Chart) On this case, Vikavolt ties SF Giratina-O and Darkrai, however nonetheless barely under Hydreigon and non-shadow BS Tyranitar.

Nonetheless, there have been – and will likely be – T5 raids the place bug attackers are the one choice. These are raid bosses with a double weak spot to bug, which embody:

  • Hoopa (Unbound), which was in Elite Raids final 12 months.
    • (It was the primary time bug sorts actually shined, and plenty of unprepared gamers bought destroyed.)
  • Future legendaries: Calyrex (Gen 8), Wo-Chien, Iron Leaves (Gen 9)
  • Speculative: Zarude, Brute Bonnet
    • Zarude is a legendary, however a preferred Elite Raid candidate.
    • Brute Bonnet is a Paradox Pokemon, however some individuals speculate that Paradoxes could also be launched in raids.

That's not a really lengthy record, however for reference: Ice sorts, that are typically thought-about as helpful, have a fair shorter record of necessary circumstances amongst legendaries solely.

I believe these bosses are sufficient to have some bug group ready, not a crazily costly one. And CD Vikavolt is the proper candidate for that.

Vikavolt as an Electrical attacker

Electrical attackers ranked by their common in-raid efficiency, utilizing ASE and ASTTW.

Chart with ASE Dodge might be discovered here.

Lots much less thrilling right here, since Vikavolt (Spark/Discharge) falls behind even conventional non-legendary attackers like Electivire and Magnezone. Nonetheless, for brand spanking new gamers with no full electrical group but, just a few Vikavolts will most likely see use in rounding out their groups. The whole lot above it's both costly or not very accessible proper now.

Neighborhood Day transfer, Volt Swap?

TL;DR: Don't preserve it. TM it off, or evolve it the day after CD in case you have a spare Magnetic Lure.

Volt Swap performs worse than non-legacy Spark in raids, if you wish to use Vikavolt as an electrical attacker.

The larger drawback is that having an unique quick transfer prevents you from working a bug moveset, or switching between electrical and bug.

  • With out Volt Swap, you need to use common TMs to show Vikavolt to Bug Chew/X-Scissor if you'd like a bug attacker, or Spark/Discharge if you'd like an electrical attacker. (Many veteran gamers will stick with bug, anyway.)
  • With Volt Swap, it's worthwhile to take away the unique transfer in case you ever wish to use that Vikavolt as a bug sort (the place it shines much more), or be locked as electrical endlessly.

Word that in PvP, Volt Swap is a lot better than Spark, so any PvP Vikavolt ought to be advanced throughout CD. Nonetheless, Vikavolt isn't helpful in Grasp League, so excessive IV Vikavolts might be devoted to raids.

In case you do wish to preserve Volt Swap for the sake of getting an unique transfer, be assured that it's solely barely behind Spark, thus nonetheless a viable electrical attacker.

Minor be aware: Because of Pokebattler bugs, all electric-type simulations on this evaluation are with out friendship enhance (versus finest buddies that I've used previously).

What's subsequent?

An evaluation on Shadow Moltres earlier than October.

A consolidated chart with each sort will most likely be out afterwards, in addition to a be aware on some long-term modifications.

Previous analyses on different sorts

A whole record of all my previous analyses – on each single sort apart from regular – can now be present in this spreadsheet!

You can even comply with me on Twitter (X) and Threads! I typically publish sneak peeks of WIP articles earlier than they go dwell.

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