Volcarona, Kleavor and Mega Pinsir as Raid Attackers (Very Fast Preliminary Evaluation)

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No manner I can end the total evaluation earlier than raid day begins. The truth is, as a result of extraordinarily busy IRL schedule, I’ll should cease engaged on this till simply earlier than Mega Pinsir enters raids.

This very fast preliminary article is for many who want this to resolve how a lot they need to care about Kleavor raid day or Larvesta eggs.


Volcarona is greatest non-mega bug sort, however “solely” nearly an identical to Chandelure in apply, each as hearth sorts and as anti-psychic counters (bug and ghost). Worse than Reshiram, Hydreigon, and so on.

Kleavor is at the moment unhealthy as a result of it doesn’t have a bug or rock quick transfer. Even when it will get quick strikes, solely nearly as good as Vikavolt/Genesect/Yanmega (bug) and worse than common Tyranitar (rock).

Mega Pinsir is present greatest bug sort. Will likely be outclassed by Mega Heracross.

Bug sorts

(I notice that is mainly what I mentioned in TL;DR. Skip to the plots in the event you like.)

Volcarona is greatest non-mega bug, solely behind Mega Pinsir. It outperforms Mega Scizor and Beedrill, Shadow Pinsir and Scizor, and Pheromosa (in estimator).


Bug’s predominant position is anti-psychic, so that they compete with darkish and ghost. In that capability, Volcarona is just corresponding to Chandelure. Under Hydreigon, shadows, Darkrai, Shadow Drive Giratina-O.


Kleavor has no bug quick strikes, welp. With Fast Assault, it might have been on the backside of my charts – worse than stuff like Golisopod, however positive in the event you desperately want a bug sort.

Even IF it will get Fury Cutter sooner or later, it’s solely nearly as good as Vikavolt, Genesect and Yanmega. Above non-shadow Pinsir and Scizor, however beneath Volcarona and shadows. Not aggressive as anti-psychic.

  • Kleavor > Scizor. For those who can anticipate years to evolve your Scyther, particularly shadows, then wait.

Mega Pinsir is greatest bug. Higher than Mega Scizor in uncooked energy. Mega Heracross will outclass it in uncooked energy. (Bulk/boosting considerations TBD.)

Listed here are some OUTDATED plots from a earlier article in August:

Kleavor with Fast Assault can be beneath (2) and (3). Kleavor with Fury Cutter can be between Genesect and Yanmega.
Giratina-O right here is with Shadow Ball, not Shadow Drive.

Hearth sorts

Volcarona is nearly an identical to Darmanitan and Chandelure.

Worse than Reshiram and shadows. L30 FF Reshriam = L45 Volcarona.

Listed here are some up-to-date plots that I’m planning to indicate for the total article:


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