Strolling Wake (Paradox Suicune) Meta Evaluation: A Hypothesis

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Pokémon Day 2023 had an thrilling Pokémon Presents that delivered to us a number of bits of information on numerous Pokémon video games, together with Scarlet and Violet. Not solely did we get to have a sneak peak into the upcoming DLC however we additionally obtained launched to 2 new Paradox mons: Strolling Wave (Paradox Suicune) that’s unique to Scarlet, and Iron Leaves (Paradox Virizion) that’s unique to Violet.

Some of the distinctive facets of those video games (other than the Terastallization gimmick) is the introduction of Paradox Pokémon, previous and future varieties that look just like sure present Pokémon, however are totally totally different Pokémon altogether. They’re related in essence to Extremely Beasts, aside from the truth that Paradox mons aren’t from one other dimension… slightly, they’re from totally different timelines. 

On the time of writing this text, these two mysterious Pokémon are the latest catchable mons within the MSG. So like I’d finished for Roaring Moon (Paradox Salamence) and Iron Valiant (Paradox Gardevoir/Gallade), I reckoned I ought to do the identical for Strolling Wake as properly!

Introduction to Strolling Wake

Strolling Wake is a Water and Dragon kind Paradox Pokémon that’s unique to Pokémon Scarlet.

It has a really raptor-like design, complemented with a feral and draconic outlook. It actually seems like ‘Suicune however a dinosaur’.

Official art work of Strolling Wake. Supply: Serebii

Fundamental Sequence Stats

Strolling Wake has the next stats within the MSG:

HP 99
ATK 83
DEF 91
SpA 125
SpD 83
Spe 109


Stats in Pokémon GO

The following article explains how one can get hold of a Pokémon’s stats in GO from its MSG stats. Primarily based on the mathematical formulae for a similar, we get hold of the next values for Strolling Wake:

ATK: 256

DEF: 188

HP: 223

Max CP (lvl 50): 4206

Strolling Wake’s stats are extraordinarily related one other Dragon kind: Hydreigon, which has 256 ATK, 188 DEF, and 211 HP. Their stats are so strikingly related that they need to be in contrast to one another! 

Comparability with Hydreigon in Pokémon GO

Strolling Wake is a bulkier Hydreigon (not by a lot) and a Water sub-typing as an alternative of Darkish. Straight off the bat, Strolling Wake features an enormous benefit by way of typing. Hydreigon’s slew of weak spot (together with the confounded double weak spot to Fairy has served as a bane to Hydreigon since time immemorial. Nevertheless, the twin typing of Water and Dragon isn’t solely a great typing per se, it is without doubt one of the finest kind combos for a dragon. As such, Strolling Wake loses its weak spot to Ice, and features distinctive resistances to the Fireplace, Water and Metal varieties. It finally ends up being weak to solely the Dragon and Fairy varieties; with the ability to counter dragons. And if it will get a great Water kind transfer, it may have one thing to take care of fairies as properly.

Now, as a Dragon kind, Hydreigon doesn’t make any noise in both PvP or PvE. With the appropriate moveset, Strolling Wake can truly be a crimson alert Dragon kind that might match into the Grasp League meta like a glove and also have a optimistic outing in PvE.

Comparability with Palkia in Pokémon GO

It’s straightforward to interpret that Palkia takes the cake as a greater Pokémon general. However then Palkia has some limitations that Strolling Wake can make the most of, and as such, carve a distinct segment for itself (notably within the Grasp League). 

The reasoning for that is two-fold as each Pokémon share :

  • See, Palkia lacks a Water kind quick transfer in GO. So if Strolling Wake can get a great pair of quick and charged Water strikes, it could possibly be a tremendous addition to the ML meta, behind the likes of Kyogre and a greater possibility than Gyarados. Sure, the prospects are thrilling!
  • Whilst a Dragon kind, Palkia is simply in a position to make use of the costly and self-debuffing Draco Meteor. So if Strolling Wake will get one thing draconic to swipe with, it may be breaking information within the meta!

In a nutshell, giving viable Water and/or Dragon kind strikes to Strolling Wake can truly assist it turn into extra usable than Palkia in ML!

Viable Moveset Choices

It’s fairly apparent that Strolling Wake will work very properly in Pokémon GO whether it is blessed with the appropriate moveset. So as an alternative of placing throughout its complete movepool, I shall current strikes that may make Strolling Wake meta related, and a worthy monster to compete with Hydreigon and Palkia by way of usability. So listed below are the strikes that may matter:

Quick Strikes Charged Strikes
  • Waterfall Water
  • Dragon Breath Dragon
  • Dragon Tail Dragon
  • Mud Shot Floor
  • Surf Water
  • Breaking Swipe Dragon
  • Outrage Dragon


For PvP

Strolling Wake can do nice stuff right here. What it actually, actually wants is any or each of its Dragon quick strikes AND Breaking Swipe. The latter is an exemplary charged transfer that works properly in each PvP and PvE for that matter. Sure, Mud Shot is good however I’ll slightly give attention to STAB right here and provides the highlight on issues that may assist it stand out as a dragon.

Dragon Breath/Tail + Breaking Swipe would immediately make it a greater Hydreigon and be worthy of being chosen over Palkia. That is undoubtedly the very best it may get! As well as, Waterfall would even be useful however on the finish of the day, it’ll profit much more with Dragon Breath/Tail. 

And plug in Surf as a second charged transfer, and Strolling Wake would stroll with utter dominance. This mon has restricted strikes that may be utilized to Pokémon GO, so it’s a fairly straightforward job for Niantic to provide it these strikes. See it’s a menace to even Dragon and Fairy varieties which can be technically extra highly effective in ML!

To sum it up, Strolling Wake can turn into a formidable Pokémon within the ML meta if it will get Dragon Breath/Dragon Tail/Waterfall paired with Breaking Swipe and Surf.

For PvE

As a Dragon kind

Dragon Tail and Outrage is any Dragon kind’s bread and butter for max DPS. Sadly for Strolling Wake… Rayquaza, Salamence, Garchomp, and Dragonite… all be taught this combo. However Strolling Wake would nonetheless be a really viable Dragon kind to make use of in raids.

As a Water kind

With Waterfall and Surf, it might be a welcome addition to the Water kind PvE meta. It goes with out saying that with the respective best moveset, Strolling Wake could be a greater Water kind than a Dragon kind in PvE.

The General Greatest Moveset Situation

Quick strikes: Dragon Breath, Dragon Tail, Waterfall

Charged strikes: Breaking Swipe, Outrage, Surf


Strolling Wake has a really spectacular defensive profile. A Dragon kind that resists Metal? Sure please! Its best Dragon PvP moveset shall be a thorn within the stride of each different Dragon kind whereas STAB Surf does neat injury to each Fairy and Metal varieties. Deliver it on!

Parting phrases…

A brand new Dragon kind is all the time an exciting addition to the meta, particularly when it has the potential to be of use. And Strolling Wake isn’t any strange Dragon kind! It’s a meaner avatar of the elegant Suicune that almost all of us have adored for years. 

That is a type of uncommon cases the place the mentioned Pokémon has every thing proper going for it… stats, movepool, typing, viability, lore, and design (yo it seems fabulous!). 

Strolling Wake already has WW as its initials. Niantic can add one other W to its profile in the event that they deal with this dragon proper!


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