Watch out, a Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom art book has leaked online

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If you're wanting to play The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom spoiler free, be careful, as an art book has leaked.

The art book, which features 200 pages of character and location designs, was shared to Reddit yesterday cataloguing what looks to be the entire thing. Don't worry about spoilers here, we're not going to share any of the art. Thankfully, there doesn't appear to be any big story or gameplay details shared in the book, so even if you do come across something it probably won't ruin the experience for you. But it is a surprising leak nonetheless, particularly because it isn't even clear how it leaked so far in advance.

You won't find confirmation of time travel, a playable Zelda, or if you play as more than one version of Link, details of which Nintendo is keeping incredibly close to its chest. These, amongst other theories, are some of the more pressing details that fans are desperate to learn about, and they'll have to stay that way for the time being.

Also interesting to note is that there are no images of Ganon or Ganondorf (neither dehydrated or moistened). This could easily be because Nintendo didn't want to spoil anything major for players that looked in the art book before they play the game, or quite simply because another art book is planned further down the line. Breath of the Wild received an art book called Creating a Champion after its DLC expansion was released, so maybe Nintendo is planning something similar.

Zelda seems to have suffered from a number of leaks recently, though none of them so major as this. A Lego set based on the series appears to have leaked recently, with videos on the leaks receiving copyright strikes, lending some legitimacy to the set being real.

A Tears of the Kingdom themed OLED also supposedly leaked earlier in the year, and some eagle eyed viewers noticed that some of the symbols featured on the collector's edition of the game are also on the potential leaked console, which aren't prominently featured in any of the trailers. Obviously not a confirmation it's real, as it could be someone with insider information that made a mockup, but interesting to note nonetheless.

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