Zygarde in Pokémon GO PvP: The New PvP Overlord?

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On a brief trip since this previous weekend, however that gained't cease me from finishing the evaluation of us hold asking for on ZYGARDE!

By the use of introduction, I'll simply say that, whereas attending to its eventual Full Forme is a frightening prospect (requiring 250 “cells” that you simply typically perhaps get from Routes in case you can typically perhaps discover any of these within the first place!), it's a really worthy objective, as Zygarde Full makes one of many largest splashes we've got EVER seen in PvP, throughout all Leagues. Even the 50% Forme is value it within the interim. Learn on for the small print on HOW good this factor is!


Zygarde (Ten %)


So let's begin with Zygarde as you first get it: in good doggo kind. In brief… nicely, you gained't need to depart it on this kind any longer than mandatory.

The issue is, for probably the most half, unhealthy stats. It has a stat product (and total lack-of-bulk) in the identical zip code as issues like Alolan Raichu, Beartic, Victreebel, Zapdos, Machamp, and freaking Crabominable. Now a few these really work in PvP regardless of their unhealthy stats, in fact, like AhChu, Champ, Zapdos, and OG Grasshole Victreebel. However that's as a result of they've helpful typings and/or glorious, high-pressure strikes.

Zygarde 10%… nicely, doesn't. Dragon/Floor isn't an terrible typing, resisting Hearth, Poison, Rock, and 3x resisting Electrical, but it surely's left weak to Dragon and Fairy, and has a deadly double weak spot to Ice. That mixed with its shaky bulk simply doesn't leave it in a good place, worse off than fellow Grounded Dragons Flygon and even Garchomp (together with their Shadow forms. Heck, even the much-ridiculed (and rightly so) Boomburst Flygon leaves Zygardog within the mud. And word that they're operating the identical Dragon Tail in these sims, the very best (and actually solely viable) quick transfer that Zygarde has going for it.

Talking of the strikes, let's evaluation them actual fast, as they're (for now, a minimum of… by no means know what Niantic could have in retailer!) shared throughout all formes.


  • Dragon TailDragon kind, 4.33 DPT, 3.0 EPT, 1.5 CoolDown
  • ChunkDarkish kind, 4.0 DPT, 2.0 EPT, 0.5 CD
  • Zen HeadbuttPsychic kind, 2.67 DPT, 2.0 EPT, 1.5 CD

Simply to reiterate why Dragon Tail is Zygarde's alternative quick transfer. Chunk isn't utterly unusable, but it surely's very removed from best even when it has STAB. (See: Alolan Raticate, which at all times prefers Fast Assault, and issues like Skuntank, Drapion, Mightyena and others, who at all times favor different quick strikes, even a number of ones that lack STAB injury.) And Zen Headbutt can be one among Chansey's quick transfer choices, which Niantic clearly loathes in PvP (one among few areas the place Niantic and this writer are in FULL settlement!), so it's unlikely to ever be elevated above its present “TM roulette” standing.

It WOULD be kinda good if Zygarde had a Floor-type quick transfer (particularly for PvE use), however the one Floor strikes it learns in MSG are both cost strikes in GO (principally all of them, to incorporate Earth Energy, Excessive Horsepower, even Dig) or don't exist in GO in any respect (strikes referred to as issues like “Thousand Arrows”, “Thousand Waves”, “Land's Wrath”, and “Stomping Tantrum”). However hey, a minimum of Dragon Tail is a unbelievable transfer lately.

For PvP, simply go together with Dragon Tail. You're not lacking something by not spending another thought on the choice.

As for the cost strikes….


  • CrunchDarkish kind, 70 injury, 45 vitality, 30% Probability to Cut back Opponent's Protection -1 Stage
  • BulldozeFloor kind, 80 injury, 60 vitality
  • OutrageDragon kind, 110 injury, 60 vitality
  • EarthquakeFloor kind, 120 injury, 65 vitality
  • Hyper BeamRegular kind, 150 injury, 80 vitality

Zygrade 10% runs greatest with Crunch and Outrage, largely as a result of they're the most affordable cost strikes it has obtainable, and with its lack of bulk, it wants all of the pace it could actually get. However actually, for all varieties, it's actually down to only these two strikes and typically Earthquake, which is only a much better total transfer than the opposite Floor possibility, Bulldoze. (40 extra injury for under 5 extra vitality.)

However none of that may save the ten% Forme, in Nice Leagur or actually in Ultra League. In any of these codecs the place you'd need a Floor/Dragon kind, simply use current choices.

…OR, think about a distinct, superior Zygarde forme.


Zygarde (Fifty %)


The identical typing and strikes are at play with the 50% “Huge Snek” model of Zygarde, so what's totally different? The stats are fairly a bit higher (for PvP) now, with about 23 much less Assault, however about 10 extra Protection and 34 extra HP. Its stat product and total bulk are roughly the identical as Cofagrigus, Runerigus, Meganium, and Blastoise (which I very not too long ago extolled the virtues of because of that bulk) in Nice League and Extremely League, BETTER than Walrein and Guzzlord and Serperior, and higher than issues like Cobalion and Virizion in Extremely League too.

However in fact, stats are simply a part of the image. How does it maintain up if you issue within the typing and strikes? Nicely, seems that having much-better-than-10%-Forme bulk results in MUCH higher outcomes.

Right here's the way it seems to be in Nice League with Dragon Tail/Crunch and both Outrage or Earthquake. Each look fairly comparable, and there are, with most wins being shared… wins that embrace issues like Altaria, Umbreon, Vigoroth, Cofagrigus, Protection Deoxys, Charizard, Diggersby, and a slew of issues good Floor sorts usually beat (Dunsparce, Alolan Marowak, Drapion, Lanturn — even with Water Gun! — and Toxapex), and several other issues a typical Floor would NOT usually beat like Venusaur, Shadow Victreebel, Cresselia, and Jellicent, because of taking impartial relatively than tremendous efficient injury from Grass and Water.

The place the variations come between Outrage and Earthquake is as follows:

  • The excessive impartial injury of Outrage can take down Mandibuzz (with both Air Slash or Snarl) and Lickitung, two big-time bulkmeisters. That's good to see. Lickitung specifically is the distinction between beating Licki before it reaches a third Body Slam or not. If Zygarde tries to go for five extra vitality for Earthquake, it falls one flip and just 2 energy short.
  • Nevertheless, regardless of that, I believe Earthquake could also be higher total, because it as an alternative overcomes Galarian Stunfisk, Registeel, and Bastiodon, all clearly because of the tremendous effectiveness of Floor injury.

Now the general report remains to be underneath 50% for… uh, nicely… 50% (get it? 😅 JRE so humorous punny) Zygarde in opposition to the Nice League meta. However nonetheless, that's trying legit viable, particularly the Earthquake model, no?

How about Extremely League? Nicely as soon as once more we've got some variations between strikes, however on this case, it's really Outrage that exhibits higher than Earthquake. Quake nonetheless uniquely takes out G-Fisk and fellow Steels Empoleon and Cobalion, however Outrage as an alternative overpowers Scrafty, Shadow Snorlax, Mandibuzz (once more), Gliscor, and even Scizor. (Earthquake is simply too sluggish.) Nonetheless, although… are you extra apprehensive about Mandi and Shadow Snorlax and Scizor, or extra about G-Fisk and Empoleon and Cobalion? That relies on the remainder of your workforce, so the easy numbers could very nicely not imply as a lot as what's included in these numbers.

Could be educational for now, although, as my private suggestion could be to maintain any 50% Zygarde you get at 1500 CP or under for Nice League, since any additional ones could also be too large. (Assuming we'll be raiding for it sooner or later.) Zygarde 50% matches in Nice League at Analysis Stage (Stage 15) and even as much as Stage 16, even with the 10-10-10 IV ground of Analysis catches. (#1 IVs with that ground is definitely 10-12-10 at Stage 16., so no buying and selling mandatory… good factor too because it at present can't be traded.)


Zygarde (Full)


That brings us to the tip of the road… the 100%, Full Forme. Now we shed one other 15 Assault (extra like 18 in Extremely League) and, curiously, additionally drop about 17 Protection in Nice League (extra like 24 in Extremely), however the HP skyrockets… +70 in Nice League, and +90 in Extremely! This accounts for the leap of 300 whole stat product in Nice League and 640 in Extremely. Ultimately, it ranks within the High 12 in HP in GL, High 10 in UL, and provides it a High 20 total stat product in GL (equal to Araquanid and Alomomomomomomola, and higher than Steelix, Lickitung, Dewgong, Hypno, the Stunfisks, Tropius, DDeoxys and plenty of extra) and a High 5 stat product in Extremely League (trailing ONLY Registeel, Cresselia, and Blissey). This factor is a TANK, of us. The type that Dragons simply don't see in PvP. I imply, simply take a look at the League of Dragons, Grasp League, the place Zygarde Full has THE best stat product of ALL Pokémon, bar none. 

And the efficiency exhibits that maybe it is a little TOO good? Dare I say that?

Yeah… yeah, this might be bustedJust maybe.

And in case you wanted any additional proof, enable me to current Zygarde Complete in Master League. EVen with none Floor strikes, it beats Dialga straight up, in addition to… nicely, principally the whole lot that's not a Fairy, Ice (Mamoswine), Ursaluna (with Ice Punch), or Lugia. The dominance continues against other things you'd find in Master Premier too (have been it eligible there, in fact) with once more solely Fairies and Ices holding it again.

Going again all the way down to Extremely League, and the story is comparable. Look once more on the win/loss record in opposition to the meta. 13 of its mere sixteen losses are Fairy, Ice, and/or Metal sorts, with the one exceptions being Buzzwole, Shadow Swampert, and Obstagoon (and provided that Goon successfully throws a couple Obstructs… in any other case it's another win for Zygarde).

And yep, similar in Nice League too. Examine the wins and losses… of its fourteen losses, solely three (Cresselia, Shadow Charizard, and Shadow Swampert once more) are NOT Fairy, Ice, or Metal sorts. And as with Zygarde 50%, you at all times have the choice of operating Earthquake and catching even Steels like G-Fisk and Registeel without warning.

One ultimate word, although… Full in Nice League is REALLY robust to get, and principally unimaginable till you will get one at Analysis degree AND commerce it, which isn't at present potential. One thing like a 6-10-10 can match underneath 1500 CP, however 10-10-10 is just too large.

However wherever you try to use it, this factor is gonna be busted as is. This phrase is overused by some content material creators, but it surely's not an exaggeration to say that Zygarde Full goes to really shake up PvP when it arrives, in each League the place it may be utilized.


Zygarde's preliminary 10% forme isn't a lot to behold, however 50% will definitely be viable in PvP, and I believe it's truthful to say that the Full Forme, if launched with out additional modifications, goes to revolutionize all Leagues, and maybe be the shock to Grasp League that many have been begging for. Prepare! Ultimately somebody goes to get the 200 and fifty Zygarde cells essential to make one and begin beating face with it! Possibly that can even be you?!

Till subsequent time, you may at all times discover me on Twitter with common evaluation nuggets or Patreon, in case you're feeling additional beneficiant.

Be protected on the market strolling your routes (if you could find any!), Pokéfriends, and catch you subsequent time!

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