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    • This is my will be my second mmo which is my type  This game met all of my favorites of an mmo T_T and i want a beta key so badly, the features in this game is so awesome all of it and most of all the OPEN WORLD type which is i really like for an mmo, no more Loading Screens. I really want this so bad the other game i played is lacking of features which is a kinda boring. my friends already have beta keys T_T i wish i could join them, I wish and hope that i get a key T_T
    • My friend told me about this game and i search the game on YouTube,the gameplay the PVP,wings and mounts,the graphics my eyes has been blessed,im waiting this game to be released give it a try i hoped i win in this giveaway,the thins i want the most is the PVP and guildwar because its like a clash lol  and PVP/Guilwars with wings is so damn cool.   Goodluck to all of us  
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