Pokémon Sleep: Good Sleep Event (July 2024)

Get ready to catch some Z's and level up your Snorlax with the upcoming Pokémon Sleep: Good Sleep Day Event in July 2024! This event, the twelfth of its kind and the seventh in 2024, promises to reward trainers who prioritize good sleep habits.

The event encourages participants to practice good sleep hygiene to amplify their Drowsy Power, helping their Snorlax grow bigger than ever before. By getting the best sleep possible, trainers can take full advantage of the event bonuses and maximize their Pokémon Sleep experience.

One unique feature of this event is that it will recur monthly, taking place the day before, the day of, and the day after the full moon. This special timing allows players to align their sleep patterns with the lunar cycle for enhanced effects.

The upcoming event is scheduled to run from June 21st to June 24th, 2024, with different bonuses and rewards on each day. Participants can expect a multiplier of Drowsy Power, Pokémon Sleep EXP boosts, and bonus Sleep Points based on the day of the full moon and surrounding days.

To make the most of the event, trainers can participate by pressing the “Sleep” button before going to bed during the event period to track their sleep. Various event-related effects will be triggered during their sleep research, with extra bonuses available on the night of the full moon.

Additionally, players can enhance their experience by purchasing the Good Sleep Day Bundle Vol. 12, which includes items like Growth Incense, Luck Incense, Focus Incense, and Great Biscuits. These items can boost the effects of the event and help trainers maximize their Pokémon's growth and experience gains during sleep research.

During the event, special incenses such as Growth Incense, Luck Incense, and Focus Incense can be used to further enhance the benefits of the Good Sleep Day Event. By strategically using incense items, trainers can multiply their EXP gains and unlock new levels for their Pokémon.

Trainers should take note of some important details, such as event bonuses rolling over at 4:00 a.m. each day, bonus Sleep Points being limited to one per day, and the stacking effects of incense with the event bonuses.

Overall, the Pokémon Sleep: Good Sleep Day Event offers trainers a fun and interactive way to improve their sleep habits while also growing their Pokémon. By participating in the event and utilizing the various bonuses and rewards available, players can make the most of their Pokémon Sleep experience and create a stronger bond with their virtual companions.

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