Airdrop Fun with Boomland Migration

Boomland Games is making a major move by migrating to Immutable zkEVM, and with this migration comes an exciting Play to Airdrop campaign with over 250 million BOOM tokens in rewards! The project, Hunters On-Chain, is a free-to-play top-down action-based fantasy brawler that is ready to relaunch on the Immutable platform.

BOOM tokens are the primary ecosystem token for Boomland Games and will have multiple use cases within their projects. The play to airdrop campaign will have two seasons, each lasting a month, with the first season kicking off in June.

The campaign will focus on gameplay, allowing users to earn points by completing badges, finishing quests, and referring new players. No additional social engagement is required, making it accessible to all players. Participants will start on equal footing with just a common, free Hunter and will need to earn points to acquire premium Hunters.

There are multiple ways to acquire premium Hunters, including holding Genesis Hunters in your wallet by a specific snapshot time, participating and winning in contests and giveaways, or trading on the open market. The Boomland team plans to hold an AMA session soon for more information.

Hunters On-Chain is a fantasy, top-down, casual PVE action game with various game modes such as Hunt mode, Boss Hunt, and Bounty Hunter. Players can earn BGEM tokens by playing matches, which can be used to purchase chests containing artifacts and Hunter shards or swapped for BOOM tokens for leveling up.

The game can be played through a webpage or with the official app on Android and iOS devices. To learn more about Boomland Games and Hunters On-Chain, visit their website and join their Discord and social media channels for updates. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to dive into the world of Hunters On-Chain and earn rewards through gameplay!

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