Aquatic Paradise Pokémon GO Event

Pokémon GO enthusiasts are in for a treat with the upcoming Aquatic Paradise event. This event will showcase various Water-type species from Pokémon GO Fest 2024: New York, making it a global celebration for Trainers worldwide. Additionally, players will have the opportunity to encounter the elusive Shiny Ducklett for the first time—if luck is on their side!

The Aquatic Paradise event is scheduled to run from Saturday, July 6, at 10:00 a.m. until Tuesday, July 9, 2024, at 8:00 p.m. local time. During this time, Trainers can look forward to a host of bonuses and special features that will enhance their gameplay experience.

One of the main highlights of the event is the introduction of new Shiny Pokémon, including Ducklett and Swanna. These vibrant and eye-catching creatures are sure to add excitement to the event and provide Trainers with a unique challenge to capture them in their shiny form.

In addition to the new Shiny Pokémon, the event will also feature exclusive bonuses such as 2× XP for catching Pokémon, increased encounters with Water-type Pokémon in the wild, from Incense, and in Field Research tasks. Trainers can also access event-exclusive Timed Research for a small fee, which includes encounters with Ducklett, Lucky Eggs, Incense, and Ducklett Candy.

During the event, Trainers can expect to encounter a variety of Water-type Pokémon in the wild, including popular species like Horsea, Staryu, Wingull, Corphish, Clamperl, and Frillish. With the increased spawn rates during the event, players will have ample opportunities to catch these aquatic creatures and add them to their collection.

Moreover, the event will feature a Collection Challenge where Trainers can complete specific tasks to earn rewards and special encounters. Field Research tasks will also offer the chance to encounter Water-type Pokémon like Corphish, Clamperl, Finneon, and Frillish upon completion.

For those looking for a more structured gameplay experience, the event-exclusive Timed Research will provide tasks focused on exploration and powering up Pokémon. Participants can earn encounters with Ducklett, Lucky Eggs, Incense, and Ducklett Candy as they complete the research tasks before the event concludes.

Overall, the Pokémon GO Aquatic Paradise event promises to be an exciting and rewarding experience for Trainers around the world. With new Shiny Pokémon to discover, exclusive bonuses to enjoy, and a variety of Water-type species to encounter, this event is sure to make a splash in the Pokémon GO community.

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