Are Z-Moves Coming to Pokémon GO? What Are They?

Are Z-Moves Coming to Pokémon GO? What Even Are Z-Moves?

Hello Trainers! With a recent Datamine potentially hinting at the release of Z-Moves in Pokémon GO, I wanted to take some time to introduce Z-Moves to any Pokémon GO Trainers who may not know what they are, and talk about how I think they'll work in Pokémon GO.

Z-Moves were introduced in Generation VII with Pokémon Sun and Moon. These special moves combine the power of the trainer and the Pokémon into one powerful attack unleashed on the opponent. Z-Moves require a Z-Ring or Power-Ring, as well as a corresponding Z-Crystal to use. In the main series games, the origins of Z-Power and Z-Moves are mysterious, but they are related to energy emitted from Ultra Wormholes and legendary Pokémon like Solgaleo and Lunala.

Z-Moves are extremely powerful moves that can only be used once per battle. They require the Pokémon to have the corresponding Z-Crystal and a Z-Ring to activate. In Pokémon GO, the introduction of Z-Moves could potentially come through a special research task that rewards Trainers with a Z-Ring. This Z-Ring would unlock the ability to use Z-Moves during battles, possibly as an additional button alongside regular charge moves for Raid battles.

Z-Moves are divided into Type-Based Z-Moves and Pokémon-Specific Z-Moves. Type-Based Z-Moves require the Pokémon to know a move of the corresponding type, while Pokémon-Specific Z-Moves require the Pokémon to know a specific move. The list of Z-Moves includes a variety of powerful attacks for different types of Pokémon.

There are several reasons to speculate that Z-Moves might be coming to Pokémon GO soon. One of the main reasons is the upcoming debut of Necrozma at Pokémon GO Fest. Additionally, all Pokémon that can learn Z-Moves will soon be available in the game, recent data mines have revealed new unnamed moves, and the Pokémon World Championships are taking place in Hawai'i, the setting of the Alola region in the Pokémon games.

Overall, the introduction of Z-Moves to Pokémon GO would add an exciting new dimension to the PvP scene and battles in the game. While this speculation is based on limited evidence and wild conjecture, the possibility of Z-Moves coming to Pokémon GO is an intriguing prospect for Trainers. Stay tuned for more updates and news related to potential Z-Moves in Pokémon GO!

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