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Buzzwole Raid Counters Guide

Buzzwole is a Bug and Fighting type 5-Star Raid boss in Pokémon GO. Defeating Buzzwole in raids requires a team of powerful Fairy, Fire, Flying, and Psychic type Pokémon, as it is 2x weak to Flying type moves due to its dual typing. The shiny version of Buzzwole will become available for in-person raiders at New York Pokémon GO Fest, and then globally from July 8th.

Buzzwole Raid Boss CP is 44654, and it can be encountered at different CP ranges based on the level and weather boost. It is recommended to have 2-5 high-level Trainers for this raid, more if optimal teams are not available. This guide will help you understand how to defeat this macho Ultra Beast and provide information on its optimal stats, moves, and CP range.

Best Buzzwole Counters in Pokémon GO

Here are some of the best counters to use against Buzzwole in raids, along with their Fast Moves, Charge Moves, faints, and time to win (TTW):

1. Mega Rayquaza with Air Slash and Dragon Ascent
2. Rayquaza with Air Slash and Dragon Ascent
3. Shadow Moltres with Wing Attack and Sky Attack
4. Shadow Salamence with Fire Fang and Fly
5. Mega Salamence with Fire Fang and Fly
6. Shadow Staraptor with Gust and Fly
7. Enamorus (Incarnate) with Fairy Wind and Fly
8. Yveltal with Gust and Oblivion Wing
9. Shadow Honchkrow with Peck and Sky Attack
10. Mega Pidgeot with Gust and Brave Bird

Best Mega Pokémon against Buzzwole

Mega Rayquaza, Mega Pidgeot, Mega Blaziken, and Mega Charizard Y are excellent choices when battling Buzzwole. These Mega Pokémon provide a significant boost to Flying and Fire type attackers, enhancing the overall damage output during the raid.

Buzzwole Moveset Analysis

Buzzwole's moveset includes Fast Moves like Counter and Poison Jab, and Charge Moves like Superpower, Fell Stinger, Power-Up Punch, and Lunge. In PvE, Buzzwole excels as a Fighting type due to its fast moves, while in PvP, it shows potential with its varied moveset.

Buzzwole Stats

Buzzwole has a high Attack stat of 236, Defense stat of 196, and HP stat of 216. It is weak to Flying type attacks but is strong against Bug, Dark, Fighting, Grass, and Ground types. With the right counters, Buzzwole can be taken down efficiently in raids.


Buzzwole is a formidable opponent in raids, especially with its unique dual Bug and Fighting typing. It can be a valuable addition to raid teams and has potential in PvP battles as well. Be sure to use the recommended counters and Mega Pokémon to achieve success in defeating Buzzwole and adding it to your Pokémon collection.

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