Citizenship Passport Stamped by Other Sun

Another week, another exciting NFT mint on the horizon! This time, we’re looking forward to the upcoming mint for Kepler Citizenship Passport NFTs, which are founder type NFTs for the sci-fi MMO FPS game, Earth from Another Sun. The mint is set to take place on May 10th, with a collection size of 1,000 and a price of 2 SOL each.

The Citizenship Passport NFTs offer a range of benefits to their holders, including future NFT airdrops, early access to alpha and beta tests, bonuses to contribution points, whitelists for future mints, and entry into exclusive events. These limited edition Passports provide a unique opportunity for players to enhance their gaming experience and gain exclusive access to in-game rewards.

The mint for the Kepler Citizenship Passport NFTs will open on May 10th at 6am UTC on Magic Eden. The mint will start with a guaranteed whitelist phase lasting for 6 hours, followed by 5 hours for the FCFS (first come first served) whitelist, and then a public sale if any NFTs remain available. While it’s too late to earn a whitelist spot, interested individuals can still sign up on the official website to check their status and prepare for upcoming season two missions, which will lead to an upcoming airdrop. These missions are social-based and involve activities such as inviting friends and participating on Discord.

Earth from Another Sun is an open-world sci-fi MMO that offers players the chance to explore the galaxy, engage in battles on various planets, and command their own personal army. Players can participate in solo and cooperative gameplay, with plans to introduce 10-person raid-type events in the future. The game is currently in alpha testing, with PvE mode available to players. To gain access to the alpha, players must own a Citizenship Passport or a Companion NFT.

The game aims to be a dynamic and ever-evolving universe, with plans to allow players to create custom content such as quests, NPCs, and custom planets. To stay updated on Earth from Another Sun, players can visit the official website, follow the game on Twitter, and join the Discord community.

Overall, the upcoming mint for Kepler Citizenship Passport NFTs presents an exciting opportunity for players to secure exclusive benefits and enhance their experience in the immersive world of Earth from Another Sun. Don’t miss out on this unique chance to become a part of the game’s growing community and unlock special rewards along the way.

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