Durant Raid Tips & Tricks

Durant, the Bug/Steel type Pokémon, is a formidable 3-Star Raid boss in Pokémon GO. To defeat Durant efficiently, you will need to use powerful Fire type Pokémon that can take advantage of its double weakness. Additionally, Shiny Durant is available in the game, adding extra excitement to the raid battle.

When encountering Durant in a raid, you can expect to find it in various CP ranges based on different factors like level and weather boosts. It can range from 1446 CP to 1519 CP at Level 20 without any weather boost, and from 1808 CP to 1900 CP at Level 25 with Rainy or Snow weather boosts.

To successfully take down Durant in a raid, it is recommended to have a minimum group size of 1-2 trainers. When selecting your raid team, consider using the best Durant raid counters available in Pokémon GO. These counters have been carefully curated to optimize your chances of winning the battle efficiently.

Some of the top Durant raid counters include powerful Fire type Pokémon like Blaziken (Mega), Charizard (Mega Y), Reshiram, and Darmanitan (Shadow). These Pokémon have the right movesets like Fire Spin, Blast Burn, and Overheat, which are super effective against Durant.

Durant’s stats and weaknesses make it vulnerable to Fire type moves, while it excels against Dark, Fairy, Ice, Psychic, and Rock type Pokémon. Knowing these matchups can help you strategize your battle plan and choose the best Pokémon to use against Durant.

In addition to its weaknesses and strengths, Durant also has a specific moveset that includes Fast Moves like Bug Bite and Metal Claw, and Charge Moves like X-Scissor, Iron Head, and Stone Edge. Understanding its moveset can help you anticipate its attacks and plan your counters accordingly.

Overall, with the right Pokémon and strategy, defeating Durant in a raid can be a rewarding experience. So gather your team, prepare your best Fire type Pokémon, and embark on the challenge to take down Durant and possibly catch a Shiny version of this unique Bug/Steel type Pokémon. Good luck, trainers!

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