Earn while playing in Citizen Conflict Alpha 5

Citizen Conflict is back with version 5.0 of their alpha, and this time they are offering even more exciting opportunities for players to play and earn rewards. With the launch of version 5.0, Citizen Conflict has opened up the game to the public and introduced a play to airdrop campaign with 300,000 QORPO tokens up for grabs.

One of the key highlights of this new version is the introduction of true play and earn opportunities through the revamped leaderboards. Players can now compete on three different leaderboards, with rewards being handed out for completing various in-game quests and challenges. These quests include tasks such as playing with different characters, achieving killstreaks, using specific weapons, and more. Players also have the option to purchase a Battle Pass for additional bonuses.

In addition to the play to earn opportunities, Qorpo is also giving out $500 USDT every week during alpha 5.0. Players can participate by capturing moments from their gameplay and sharing them on Twitter, tagging @CitizenConflict and @QORPOworld, and submitting their entries through a form.

The game has introduced new features in version 5.0, including a new character class called the Brutalizer, a new 1v1 map called Depo, and several improvements and tweaks to existing maps, characters, and weapons. Players can now earn and open loot boxes in-game, chat in the squad lobby, and experience dynamic in-game events while playing.

QORPO Game Studio, the developer behind Citizen Conflict, is also working on another game called AneeMate, an open-world creature extraction shooter. The studio has several NFT collections available on different blockchains, including the AneeMate Genesis Zero collection on Binance Chain and the Citizen Conflict Heroes collection on Polygon.

If you are interested in joining the action in Citizen Conflict, you can download the game through Epic Games and start playing today. With the new play and earn opportunities, exciting gameplay features, and the chance to win rewards, Citizen Conflict Alpha 5 promises to offer an engaging and rewarding gaming experience for players.

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