Exploring Worldshards Early Access: Crafting, Adventures, and Keeping NFTs Through Game Updates

Discover Tradable NFTs in Worldshards Early Access

Even in its preliminary phase, Worldshards offers players the chance to locate tradable NFTs while playing. Despite the possibility of a game reset looming, players holding NFTs can rest easy knowing that any NFTs acquired will remain in their possession.

Currently, this web3-supported fantasy MMORPG does not feature extensive multiplayer gameplay. However, it's important to note that we are still in the initial stage of early access. While multiplayer functionalities are not yet implemented, Worldshards offers a fully functional single-player experience. To participate in the early access testing, players must possess either a land NFT or an access key.

Worldshards employs a gameplay structure similar to the Big Time model. Participants explore segmented zones where they combat aggressive creatures, collect materials, and occasionally tackle unique quests or solve puzzles. The collected materials are essential for crafting and construction. Players have the ability to set up crafting stations on their own plots of land, enabling them to create stronger items.

Participants embark on quests, create goods, construct dwellings, set up crafting areas, and produce superior items which enable them to undertake more challenging expeditions for greater rewards — potentially even including NFTs!

NFT Discovery in Worldshards

Currently, acquiring NFTs occurs unpredictably. They might be obtained through gathering resources or after vanquishing a foe. These NFTs serve as plans for aesthetic objects that can be positioned in your headquarters without using any resources. Such decorative NFTs enhance the ambiance, facilitating the building of more utilitarian structures such as workshops and processing units. In an upcoming patch, there will be options for players to exchange and market these plans.

You don't need to own an Island NFT to join the game. However, having one offers additional space to build your personalized headquarters, allowing for more extensive workshop enhancements and the ability to create more unique and valuable items. Furthermore, with the upcoming multiplayer feature, these Islands will serve as gathering places for guilds and friends. There will also probably be opportunities to rent out land via Open Loot.

Certain ornamental NFTs have been previously allocated via promotional events. These, along with land-based NFTs, are available for acquisition on the Open Loot marketplace.

What is Worldshards?

Worldshards is a sandbox-style, fantasy MMO game that features both traditional web-based and blockchain-integrated versions. Set in the floating island realm of Murlandia, players engage in combat with creatures, enhance their skills, and occasionally tackle puzzles or find non-violent solutions to problems in order to fulfill quests. The game also incorporates elements like resource gathering, item crafting, agriculture, and the construction of player-created buildings.

Worldshards is developing a sandbox game where players have the ability to create and exchange every item within the game, fostering a genuine economy driven by the players themselves.

Worldshards is developing dual versions of their game, with one incorporating web3 capabilities and the other staying true to traditional web2 formats. The gameplay will be identical in both versions. However, the web2 version will be accessible on Steam, whereas the web3 version will enable players to purchase, sell, and exchange items using NFT technology.

For further information on Worldshards, check out their official website, follow their updates on Twitter, and become a part of their community on Discord.

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