Exploring Worldshards Early Access: Navigating NFTs, Crafting, and Single-Player Adventures in a Fantasy MMO

Discover Tradable NFTs in Worldshards Early Access

Even though Worldshards is just in its early access phase, players can already locate tradable NFTs within the game. Despite the possibility of a game reset looming, players who possess NFTs can rest assured that they will retain ownership of any NFTs they acquire.

Currently, this web3-compatible fantasy MMORPG doesn't feature large-scale multiplayer gameplay. However, it's important to note that the game is still in its initial early access stage. While multiplayer features are not yet implemented, the game already offers a fully functional single-player mode. To participate in the early access testing, players must either possess a land NFT or an access key.

Worldshards adheres to the Big Time framework. Participants explore segmented zones where they combat aggressive creatures, collect materials, and occasionally tackle unique missions or solve puzzles. They use these collected materials for crafting and construction purposes. Players have the ability to set up crafting stations on their own property, enabling them to create more advanced items.

Participants embark on quests, create objects, construct homes, install crafting stations, and produce superior items, enabling them to undertake more challenging expeditions for improved rewards — potentially including NFTs!

NFTs in Worldshards

Currently, the acquisition of NFTs is based on chance. You might receive them as rewards from gathering resources or after vanquishing a foe. These NFTs serve as designs for ornamental objects which can be positioned within your base without expending any materials. These ornamental NFTs enhance the overall ambiance, facilitating the addition of less cozy structures such as workshops and processing units. In an upcoming version, there will be options for players to exchange and market these designs.

You don't need to own an Island NFT to play the game. However, owning one offers additional space for building your own headquarters, allowing for expanded workshop capabilities and the creation of unique and valuable items. Furthermore, when multiplayer functionality becomes available, these Islands will serve as gathering places for guilds and friends. There might also be opportunities to rent out land via Open Loot.

Certain ornamental NFTs have been previously given out during promotional events. These, along with land-based NFTs, are available for purchase on the Open Loot marketplace.

What is Worldshards?

Worldshards is an expansive multiplayer online game that blends elements of sandbox and fantasy genres. It is designed to support both traditional internet and blockchain-based platforms. Set in the mythical realm of Murlandia, composed of various floating islands, players engage in combat with creatures, enhance their skills, and occasionally tackle puzzles or employ diplomatic solutions to fulfill quests. The game features activities such as resource gathering, item crafting, agriculture, and the construction of player-designed buildings.

Worldshards is developing a sandbox-type video game that allows players to create and exchange every item within the game, fostering a genuine economy driven by the players themselves.

Worldshards is developing two distinct editions of their game, one incorporating web3 capabilities and the other adhering to traditional web2 standards. Gameplay will be identical in both versions. However, the web2 iteration will be accessible through Steam, while the web3 version will enable players to engage in buying, selling, and trading items as NFTs.

For more information on Worldshards, check out their website, follow them on Twitter, or join their Discord community.

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