Guide to Mega Rayquaza Elite Raid Counters

Mega Rayquaza is making a grand return to Pokémon GO in Elite Raids, and trainers need to be well-prepared with the best counters to take on this powerful Pokémon. Elite Raids are a step above the typical raids, requiring careful planning and coordination among trainers. To help you defeat Mega Rayquaza, we have compiled a guide with information on the best counters, movesets, stats, and more.

Mega Rayquaza is a Dragon and Flying type Mega Legendary Raid boss, making it vulnerable to Ice, Fairy, Rock, and Dragon type Pokémon. Your top Ice type Pokémon will be the best counters against Mega Rayquaza, as Ice types have a 2x weakness to this powerful Legendary. Additionally, Fairy and Rock type Pokémon will also have an advantage as they resist most of Mega Rayquaza's attacks.

For the Elite Raid featuring Mega Rayquaza, we recommend having 6-7 high-level trainers in your group. Ensure that everyone is well-equipped with their optimal counters before facing off against this challenging raid boss. The event will take place at specific times on June 29, 2024, so be sure to mark your calendars and organize your team in advance.

To help you build your raid team, we have listed the top 10 counters for Mega Rayquaza, along with their fast moves, charge moves, faints, and time to win (TTW). These counters will give you the best chance of defeating Mega Rayquaza and adding it to your collection.

In addition to the counters, we have included information on Mega Rayquaza's moveset, including its fast moves and charge moves. Knowing the moves that Mega Rayquaza can use will help you strategize and plan your battle effectively.

To obtain Mega Rayquaza, you will need 400 Mega Energy and its signature move, Dragon Ascent, which can only be obtained through the use of a Meteorite item. The guide also provides details on Mega Rayquaza's CP ranges, its stats, and how to evolve it to its mega form.

Remember, Elite Raids are designed to be challenging and can only be completed in-person. Coordination and organization are essential when taking on Elite Raids, so make sure to plan ahead and arrive at the raid location on time.

Overall, Mega Rayquaza is a formidable opponent that will require a well-prepared team to defeat. By following our guide and utilizing the recommended counters, you can increase your chances of success in the Elite Raid featuring Mega Rayquaza. Get ready to face this Legendary Mega and add it to your Pokémon collection!

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