Ho-Oh Raid Tips

Ho-Oh Raid Guide

Ho-Oh, the legendary Fire and Flying type Pokémon, is known for its majestic appearance and formidable strength in Pokémon GO raids. With a double weakness to Rock type moves, Rock-type Pokémon will be your key to victory over the rainbow Fire bird, especially in Partly Cloudy weather conditions. Shiny Ho-Oh is available from raids and can be duo'd with a strong selection of Rock Pokémon or tackled with a group of 4+ trainers if you don't have optimal counters.

Ho-Oh Raid Boss CP is 50,064, and it can have a Max Capture CP of 2207 at Level 20 with perfect IVs and 2759 at Level 25 in Sunny and Windy weather.

Ho-Oh Counters

Here are some of the best counters for Ho-Oh in Pokémon GO:

1. Rampardos (Shadow) with Smack Down and Rock Slide
2. Rhyperior (Shadow) with Smack Down and Rock Wrecker
3. Diancie (Mega) with Rock Throw and Rock Slide
4. Tyranitar (Mega) with Smack Down and Stone Edge
5. Aerodactyl (Mega) with Rock Throw and Rock Slide

These are just a few of the top counters for Ho-Oh, but there are many other viable options to defeat this powerful raid boss.

Weather Influence on Ho-Oh

Different weather conditions can impact the battle against Ho-Oh in Pokémon GO. Here's how the weather can affect the battle:

– Sunny weather boosts Fire Blast and Solar Beam attacks
– Partly Cloudy weather boosts all Rock type moves
– Rainy weather boosts Water and Electric type moves
– Windy weather boosts Extrasensory and Brave Bird attacks
– Fog, Cloudy, and Snow weather have no impact on the battle.

Stats and Max CP

Ho-Oh has an impressive Max CP of 3863 at Level 40 and 4367 at Level 50, making it a formidable opponent in raids. It has high Attack, Defense, and HP stats, but it is weak to Rock, Ice, and Water type moves.


Ho-Oh has a variety of Fast and Charge moves in its arsenal, including Extrasensory, Hidden Power, Incinerate, Steel Wing, Brave Bird, Solar Beam, Fire Blast, Sacred Fire, and Earthquake. Be aware that Solar Beam can hit Water types hard, so be prepared for this powerful move.

In conclusion, with the right counters and weather conditions, Ho-Oh can be defeated in raids to earn some fantastic rewards. Gather your team, prepare your Rock type Pokémon, and take on this legendary Fire bird for a chance to catch Shiny Ho-Oh and add it to your collection. Good luck, trainers!

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