Illuvium’s Game-Changing Beta 4 and $23 Million Token Airdrop: Revolutionizing Play-to-Earn Rewards

Illuvium Beta 4 and Token Distribution Event

The concept of earning tokens through gameplay has gained significant traction this year. However, Illuvium aims to surpass competitors by distributing tokens valued at more than $23 million! This generous distribution will benefit not only participants in the forthcoming beta version but also those who have engaged with the Illuvium ecosystem previously.

The upcoming Illuvium beta 4 release is bringing the play-to-airdrop feature prominently. However, token distributions are already underway even before its launch!

On April 14th, the Illuvium team captured a snapshot to appreciate participants actively engaged in the Illuvium network. This encompasses individuals who have staked in the ILV and Sushi liquidity pools, buyers of Illuvitars, owners of Illuvium Zero land, and those trading on the IlluviDex. A reward of 50,000 ILV tokens has been set aside for these contributors!

Coming soon, Illuvium is set to initiate a play-to-airdrop event coinciding with the release of Beta 4. This event will distribute 20,000 tokens during the beta's testnet stage, followed by another 180,000 tokens during the mainnet beta phase, which will be accessible to all participants.

Illuvium has set aside a total of 250,000 ILV tokens for these airdrops. By my estimates, this amounts to tokens valued at $23 million! The specific date for the token airdrop has not been announced yet.

ILV serves as the primary governance token within the Illuvium ecosystem, granting holders the ability to stake their tokens and, in return, receive a share of the revenue generated from the IlluviDex.

Further Details on Illuvium Beta 4

Beta 4 marks a significant milestone for Illuvium, anticipating the initial integration of its three existing games. The specifics of how this integration will function remain unclear. However, it is confirmed that Illuvium encourages thorough testing of these features, among others, throughout the beta stages. Therefore, expect that some rewards from the airdrop might be set aside for participants who identify glitches and offer comprehensive feedback and testing.

Additionally, there will be a sufficient number of tokens available for recreational players too. If you're interested in participating in the initial phase of the airdrop, make sure to register for Private Beta 4. Registration is currently open and will close on April 30th. The testnet is scheduled to go live on the same day and will accommodate 10,000 participants. You can sign up using your Immutable Passport.

Public beta release scheduled to follow the private beta phase.

Illuvium is an expansive role-playing game set within an open-world environment on the Ethereum blockchain, utilizing the Immutable X layer for transactions. In this game, players explore a diverse terrain to track down and capture mystical beings known as Illuvials. Players, alongside their captured Illuvials, embark on a quest to uncover the origins of a devastating event that fragmented their world.

The primary Illuvium game merges elements of an open-world exploration game with features of both an auto-battler and a monster collection game. However, the Illuvium web3 universe extends beyond this. It also features Illuvium Zero, a game focused on constructing on virtual land, and Illuvium Beyond, which revolves around collecting and customizing profile pictures. These diverse Illuvium initiatives are set to integrate with each other once the beta version is released.

Illuvium Overworld is an expansive, role-playing game where players can find and capture more than 100 unique Illuvials, each possessing distinct abilities and traits. Players have the option to enhance these creatures and merge two Illuvials to create a new one. Illuvials can be kept on Shards, which function similarly to collectible cards that encapsulate an Illuvial's essence. These Shards can be traded in the game's marketplace or shared with friends.

Illuvium features a dedicated trading platform called the IlluviDex, which acts as the hub for all exchanges pertaining to Illuvium items. Additionally, Illuvium incorporates a governance system with a Council, which undergoes periodic elections.

For additional information, explore the Illuvium website, follow their updates on Twitter, and engage with their community on Discord.

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