Is Salamence effective with Fly in Pokémon GO?

Salamence, the powerful Dragon/Flying type Pokémon from Generation 3, has finally received the Flying type charged move, Fly, in Pokémon GO. This addition came during the Shared Skies Season update, allowing Salamence to fulfill its dream of taking to the skies.

Fly is not just a good move; it is an excellent move in both PvP and Raid battles. With an impressive damage output and reasonable energy cost, Fly has quickly become the preferred charged move for Salamence. This move has elevated Salamence's combat effectiveness, giving it a deadly STAB move that complements its existing Dragon type moves.

In the Master League PvP battles, Salamence with Fly has shown promise as a spice pick. While it may not be a top-tier contender in this league, it can hold its own against certain opponents, particularly when shields are down. The addition of Fly has certainly improved Salamence's performance in PvP battles, making it a more viable option for trainers.

In Raid battles, Salamence with Fly has become a legitimate Flying type threat, despite lacking a Flying type fast move. The combination of Dragon Tail and Fly allows Mega and Shadow Salamence to dish out impressive damage, especially in windy weather conditions. While it may not be the absolute best Flying type attacker, Salamence with Fly can still make a significant impact in Raid battles.

Looking towards the future, some trainers hope to see Salamence receive the Dual Wingbeat move to further enhance its Flying type capabilities. With the potential addition of this move, Salamence could reach even greater heights as a Flying type powerhouse in Pokémon GO.

Overall, Salamence with Fly has proven to be a valuable addition to the Pokémon GO meta. While it may not be the absolute focus of the meta, Salamence has certainly seen an improvement in its combat abilities thanks to the Fly move. Trainers can now enjoy using Salamence in battles and witness its enhanced performance in both PvP and Raid scenarios. Stay tuned for more updates on Salamence's potential improvements in Pokémon GO.

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