Join the Revolution: The Machines Arena Open Beta Launches with New Features and Play-to-Earn Opportunities

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The open beta for The Machines Arena kicks off on April 23rd. This event features game enhancements, introduces new robotic allies called Familiars, and offers a chance to participate in an upcoming play-to-airdrop event!

Progress continues on The Machines Arena, leading us into the open beta phase. This open beta version of The Machines Arena is accessible to everyone at no cost and starts on April 23rd.

In addition to playing on web browsers, gamers can now also engage on Android devices. The Machines Arena can be accessed via Epic Games or downloaded for Android directly from the official website. Player profiles are consistent across both platforms, and all players compete in identical arenas.

The team behind Machines Arena is preparing a "play to airdrop" campaign for the open beta phase, although specifics are yet to be disclosed. Participants can anticipate leaderboards that offer incentives for gameplay, achieving specific objectives within the game, and participating in community events. Additionally, they plan to roll out numerous other enhancements such as fresh skins, new maps, new mintable collectible items, among others.

Moreover, the open beta introduces familiars to the game, which are companions that provide various stat enhancements during gameplay. Additionally, for a limited period during the open beta, players have the opportunity to obtain a complimentary pack of three Familiars. These will only be available as in-game items. However, there will also be familiars available for purchase in the game's store, which can be converted into NFTs. To ensure fairness in competitive play, during Ranked PvP matches, all Familiars will offer the same percentage increase to every player.

If you participated in the alpha or beta versions and acquired unique skins, you can now mint them on the Ronin network. Skins for The Machines Arena are available for purchase and sale on the Mavis marketplace.

What is The Machines Arena?

The Machines Arena is a fast-moving, intense, overhead-view MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game where two teams, each consisting of four players, compete across different game types. Players use a variety of weaponry including firearms, laser beams, and flamethrowers in battles that usually span between 5 to 10 minutes. The game features a selection of ten unique characters, each equipped with their own set of abilities, advantages, and disadvantages, and categorized into roles like tank, support, and assault. Collaboration with teammates is key to achieving victory in the game.

Initially, The Machines Arena was not designed to be a blockchain game. However, following their initial beta launch, they broadened their scope. With a new collaboration with Sky Mavis, The Machines Arena has introduced features that enable players to create, purchase, and trade character skins on the Ronin network.

The game is currently in its initial stages of development, yet it already offers a highly playable experience.

For additional information on The Machines Arena, check out their official website, follow their updates on Twitter, and connect with their community on Discord.

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