Mavia’s Heroes Launch Ruby Marketplace

Heroes of Mavia, the popular mobile base-building RTS game, has recently launched their highly anticipated Ruby Marketplace. This new feature allows players to trade and mint cosmetic skins directly within the game, creating a new opportunity for players to customize their gaming experience.

The Ruby Marketplace, currently only available in-game, is a hub for player trading of NFTs and the minting of new NFT skins. Players can utilize Ruby tokens, earned by fighting with other players in-game, to purchase exclusive skins from the marketplace. To access the Ruby Marketplace, players must upgrade their HQ building to level 4.

The marketplace launched with a limited edition mint of 36 different skins, each representing a troop or building type in the game. These “SuperMavian” skins are limited to only 500 copies of each, making them highly sought after by players. These skins can be equipped in-game to change the appearance of buildings and troops.

All Legendary level items sold on the Ruby Marketplace are NFTs on the Base blockchain, allowing for secure and transparent transactions. Players can also trade purchased items with other players, adding a new dimension to the game’s economy.

While the initial release of the Ruby Marketplace is only available on mobile devices and accepts Ruby tokens as payment, the Heroes of Mavia team has plans to expand the marketplace to a web-based version that will allow trading with MAVIA tokens in the near future.

For those unfamiliar with Heroes of Mavia, it is a free-to-play mobile game where players construct and improve bases, fight with other players, and earn RUBY, the main in-game currency. The game also features upgradeable NFTs in the form of Bases, Heroes, and Statues, providing players with various ways to enhance their gameplay experience.

In addition to PvP battles, Heroes of Mavia offers PvE missions for players to practice battles and accumulate extra resources. The game also includes rental mechanics, allowing base owners to rent out their bases to other players for passive income.

Heroes of Mavia was released in February 2024 and is available for both iOS and Android devices. Players interested in learning more about the game can visit the Heroes of Mavia website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord community.

Overall, the launch of the Ruby Marketplace in Heroes of Mavia marks an exciting new chapter for players, providing them with more opportunities to customize their gameplay experience and engage with the game’s growing economy. As the marketplace expands and evolves in the future, players can look forward to even more ways to enhance their Heroes of Mavia experience.

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