Mega Rayquaza Elite Raids & Free Meteorite Code – Availability Concerns

Trainers all around the world were excited for the Mega Rayquaza Elite Raids, but unfortunately, there have been some availability issues that have affected certain time zones. Many trainers in the early world time zones have reported that very few Elite Raid eggs appeared, and all of them were scheduled for the 12:00 time slot. This has caused frustration among trainers who were unable to complete their Timed Research due to the lack of available raids.

Niantic has acknowledged the issue and reassured trainers that they are working on a solution. In a tweet, Niantic Support stated, “Trainers, we have resolved an issue limiting the availability of Mega Rayquaza Elite Raids. We are planning a make good for affected Trainers and will share more details as they become available.” It seems that the availability issue has been addressed for the rest of the world, with Elite Raid eggs appearing at more EX gyms at varying times.

Meanwhile, in light of a successful TikTok promotion, a free Meteorite code has been shared for trainers to claim. The Meteorite is an essential item needed to teach your Rayquaza the Flying type Charged Attack Dragon Ascent in order to Mega evolve it. The code, 7QJ6P2NX2U7KX, can be redeemed in the Pokémon GO Web Store. This promotion was aimed at increasing followers on TikTok, and trainers can now benefit from this limited-time offer.

It is important for trainers to stay updated on any announcements from Niantic regarding the Mega Rayquaza Elite Raids availability issue and to make sure to claim their free Meteorite code to enhance their gameplay experience. Pokémon GO continues to be an exciting and engaging game for trainers all around the world, and Niantic is committed to addressing any issues that may arise promptly and fairly.

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