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The Moonfrost Farming Fest is just around the corner, and players are gearing up for a fun and exciting playtest experience. If you're a fan of farming games like Stardew Valley, then Moonfrost is the game for you. This special event, running from May 29th to June 7th, will allow players to dive into the world of Moonfrost, tend to their farm, and create their own customized house.

To participate in the Farming Fest, players need to be on the Welcome List. Don't worry, getting on the list is easier than you think. Simply sign up on the Moonfrost website and keep an eye out for invites if you were an alpha playtester. You can also create content about Moonfrost on social media or participate in collaborative giveaways with other web3 gaming projects. And once the playtest starts, those on the Welcome List can invite a friend to join in on the fun each day.

During the Farming Fest, players will have the opportunity to farm and upgrade their tools to more advanced options. Additionally, custom homes will be available for players to design to their liking. As you work on your farm, you can earn SHARDS by completing in-game tasks and sharing content on social media. While the exact purpose of SHARDS remains unknown, they are sure to be a valuable resource in the Moonfrost world.

Although the playtest will be single-player only, players can interact with NPCs Ash and Walter to add some social interaction to their farming experience. Moonfrost is a free-to-play game that allows players to farm, gather resources, craft items, decorate their homes, and attract various NPCs to their town. The game will feature player interactions and require an active internet connection, with progression continuing even when offline.

For more updates and information about Moonfrost, you can check out their Discord server. Moonfrost will be initially released on PC and Mac, with mobile versions to follow. Don't miss out on this unique farming experience – join the Moonfrost Farming Fest and start your farming journey today!

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