Pikachu Cake Hat Hour Guide: July 2024!

The month of July brings with it a special treat for Pokémon GO players – Pikachu with Cake Hat Spotlight Hour! On July 2nd, 2024, from 6:00 to 7:00 pm local time, trainers will have the opportunity to catch this adorable Pikachu variant and earn 2x XP for their efforts. This Spotlight Hour is part of the Pokémon GO 8th Anniversary event, making it an extra special occasion for fans of the game.

For those planning to participate in Pikachu with Cake Hat Spotlight Hour, it's important to come prepared. One crucial tip is to have a Mega Pokémon on hand to maximize candy gains per Pokémon caught. Mega Pokémon can provide additional bonuses that will enhance your gameplay experience during the event.

During the Spotlight Hour, players can take advantage of the 2x XP bonus for catching Pokémon. This bonus can be applied to any Pokémon caught during the hour, not just Pikachu with Cake Hat. Trainers who want to make the most of this bonus can choose to catch saved Scatterbug, open a Mystery Box or Coin Bag, or stack Lucky Eggs to double their XP gains.

Pikachu with Cake Hat is a unique variant of the Electric-type Pokémon that cannot evolve. Its best moveset in Pokémon GO is Thunder Shock and Wild Charge, making it a powerful addition to any trainer's lineup. Additionally, Shiny Pikachu is available in Pokémon GO, with a slightly darker yellow/orange tone compared to the regular version.

For those looking to trade Pokémon during the event, keeping a few extra Pikachu with Cake Hat on hand is a good idea. These special costume forms can make for valuable trade fodder with fellow players who may have missed out on the event.

Overall, Pikachu with Cake Hat Spotlight Hour promises to be a fun and rewarding experience for Pokémon GO players. By following these tips and preparing in advance, trainers can make the most of this special event and enjoy catching this festive variant of everyone's favorite Pokémon.

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