Pokémon AR Showcase x multiple features

The introduction of the new AR mode in Pokémon GO has sparked a wave of creativity within the community. One of the most exciting features of this new mode is the ability to take photographs with up to 3 Pokémon at once. This has led to a surge in group photo submissions from players all over the world.

The AR community has embraced this new mode wholeheartedly, showcasing their creativity and artistic skills through their submissions. The AR photos range from unedited images to edits and composites, each telling a unique story and capturing a special moment with Pokémon.

Some standout submissions include “The Flabébé bed” by Mark from Thrumpton Hall in Nottingham, showcasing a trio of dancing Flabébé hidden in a flowerbed. Another notable submission is “In the gardens of the hall” by nana15AR from Hiroshima City, Japan, featuring a beautiful display of two-color dahlias.

Other submissions, such as “The Eon duo at the lake” by Orpheus2810 from Dhaka, Bangladesh, and “Legendary trio” by Superdrogon1 from Hyderabad, Telangana, India, showcase legendary Pokémon in epic battle scenes.

The AR Masters have also contributed their impressive photos, such as “Peekaboo” by kittypokemonsalot from Lincolnshire, UK, featuring Pikachu peeking through a Comfey.

The AR community is constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity and storytelling, and the Multiple Pokémon AR Showcase is a testament to their talent and dedication. The next submission theme for July is summer-themed photos, inviting players to capture the essence of summer with Pokémon.

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