Pokemon GO Fest 2024 Prep Guide

Pokemon GO Fest 2024 is just around the corner, and it's time to start preparing for this exciting global event. Proper preparation is essential to ensure that you make the most of your time, items, and overall enjoyment during the festivities. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get ready for Pokemon GO Fest 2024:

**Which In-Game Items to Bring to GO Fest:**
One of the most important items to bring is an ample supply of Pokeballs, especially Great and Ultra Balls. Make sure you have enough to last you throughout the event, as you don't want to run out of them. Additionally, be mindful of your bag space and prioritize items like Rare Candy, Berries, and Evolution items. Stock up on Raid Passes in advance to ensure you're ready for the raid battles during the event.

**Pokemon GO Plus:**
If you plan to use a Pokemon GO Plus device, make sure it is connected to your account before the event to avoid any connectivity issues. Keep extra batteries or ensure that your device is fully charged if it is rechargeable. Set your device to spin PokeStops for you to maximize your items collection during the event.

**Remember the Habitat Rotation Schedule:**
Be aware of the habitat rotation schedule during the event, as each habitat will feature exclusive spawns and field research tasks. Plan your catches and tasks accordingly to make the most of each habitat session.

**Make a Shiny Checklist:**
Before the event, create a list of shiny Pokemon you are missing and prioritize those spawns during the event. Check out the new shinies released for Pokemon GO Fest 2024, such as Jangmo-o, Ducklett, Emolga, and Crabrawler.

**Pokemon Storage Space:**
Clear out your Pokemon storage to make room for the numerous catches you'll make during the event. Transfer duplicates, unnecessary Pokemon, and focus on keeping only the essentials. Consider trading rare Pokemon with friends to clear space in your storage.

**Batteries, Chargers, and Phones:**
Ensure you have portable battery packs, charger cables, and a fully charged phone for the event. Keep an eye on your battery percentage and stay hydrated throughout the day. Dress appropriately for the weather, whether it's hot or cold, and wear comfortable shoes for walking.

**Food and Drink:**
Pack snacks, lunch, and plenty of water for the day. Stay fueled and hydrated to keep your energy up during the event.

**Last Minute Prep:**
Check social media and reliable sources for event updates and details. Plan your meet up with friends and local community members for a more enjoyable experience.

**Best Pokemon to Catch:**
Focus on catching regionals, rare spawns, and Pokemon that offer bonus Stardust. Keep an eye out for exclusive spawns and prioritize catching Pokemon with future evolutions.

As you gear up for Pokemon GO Fest 2024, remember to stay prepared, stay safe, and most importantly, have fun exploring and catching Pokemon during this exciting event!

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