Pokémon GO: Masterwork Research & Wonders

Pokémon GO Trainers are in for a delightful treat with the upcoming Catching Wonders event, centered around the challenging Masterwork Research questline. This event is set to take place from May 14 to May 19, 2024, offering Trainers the opportunity to earn another coveted Master Ball. The event will feature various bonuses and a four-stage Catching Wonders Masterwork Research quest line.

During the Catching Wonders event, Trainers can expect a range of bonuses to enhance their gameplay experience. Some of the bonuses include receiving 10x Experience from the First Catch of the Day, 5x Stardust from the First Catch of the Day, and 10x Experience from the First PokéStop Spin of the day. These bonuses aim to reward Trainers for their dedication and commitment during the event period.

Additionally, the event will introduce a series of Field Research tasks that Trainers can complete to earn rewards such as XP, Poke Balls, Stardust, and more. By completing these tasks, Trainers can progress through the event and work towards completing the Catching Wonders Masterwork Research questline.

The Catching Wonders Masterwork Research questline is divided into four stages, each offering unique tasks and rewards for Trainers to conquer. From catching a specific number of Pokémon to using Berries and making excellent throws, the questline is designed to test Trainers’ skills and dedication. Upon completing each stage, Trainers will be rewarded with XP, Stardust, and even special Pokémon encounters.

The final stage of the Catching Wonders Masterwork Research questline presents Trainers with the ultimate challenge, requiring them to visit PokéStops, hatch eggs, catch Pokémon, and make excellent throws. Upon successful completion of this stage, Trainers will be rewarded with a significant amount of XP, Stardust, and the prized Master Ball.

Overall, the Catching Wonders event and Masterwork Research questline in Pokémon GO offer Trainers a chance to test their skills, earn valuable rewards, and experience the thrill of capturing wonders in the world of Pokémon. So mark your calendars and get ready to embark on this exhilarating journey in Pokémon GO.

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