Pokémon GO News: 29 Apr – 5 May 2024

This past week in Pokémon GO was filled with exciting events and updates for trainers to enjoy. Starting on April 29th, we entered the third month of the Season of World of Wonders, with plenty of activities lined up for players.

One of the highlights of the week was the launch of biomes and the new map, celebrated through the Rediscover Kanto event. This event allowed trainers to explore different biomes and encounter rare Pokémon such as shiny Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle.

In addition, trainers had the opportunity to embark on a special research story titled ‘Glitz and Glam’, which introduced the mythical Pokémon Diancie to Pokémon GO. This global debut of Diancie was certainly a thrilling addition to the game.

Another event that took place during the week was Rivals Week, where Pokémon enemies were featured, and regional Pokémon spawned worldwide. This event provided a unique opportunity for trainers to catch Pokémon they may not encounter often in their region.

Furthermore, trainers could purchase the Wonder Ticket at the start of each month in the World of Wonders season. This ticketed experience included bonuses, timed research, and the introduction of Poipole into the game, adding more excitement for dedicated players.

For battle enthusiasts, the GO Battle League Season 18 commenced, offering players the chance to test their skills against others. Additionally, raiders had the opportunity to face off against powerful Pokémon such as Registeel and Mega Aggron in Mega Raids.

One of the most exciting announcements of the week was the appearance of the elusive Shiny Shadow Entei in five-star Shadow Raids. Trainers had the chance to encounter this rare and powerful Pokémon if luck was on their side.

Overall, this week in Pokémon GO was jam-packed with events, activities, and updates that kept trainers engaged and entertained. With so much to do and discover, the world of Pokémon GO continues to offer endless adventures for players to enjoy. So, gear up and set out on your next Pokémon adventure!

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