Ragnarok: Monster World Joins Forces with Ronin Blockchain for Web3 Gaming Revolution

The renowned ronin blockchain is excited to announce a strategic partnership with the legendary ragnarok ip, Ragnarok: Monster World. This immersive strategy game, which expertly blends tower defense and monster collecting features, is making the leap from web2 to web3, thanks to this collaboration. Fans of the ragnarok online universe can look

Eliza Crichton-Stuart has recently announced her excitement

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The ronin blockchain, known for its EVM compatibility, is thrilled to collaborate with the team behind the Ragnarok Monster World. This strategy game merges tower defense and monster collecting features, transporting the iconic Ragnarok Online IP into the realm of blockchain gaming.

Discover the thrilling collaboration between two powerhouses in the gaming industry, as they join forces to introduce a new era of gaming by integrating the iconic Ragnarok IP into the blockchain sphere. This partnership aims to attract traditional web2 gamers to the innovative world of web3 gaming, leveraging the immense popularity of Ragnarok. Moreover, we'll delve into Ronin's remarkable rise to fame and its achievements within the blockchain gaming community.

The iconic gaming universe of Ragnarok, a billion-dollar transmedia intellectual property created by South Korean game studio Gravity, has achieved a remarkable milestone of 167 million downloads in 122 different regions. As the premier web2 IP to make its debut on the Ronin blockchain, this strategic collaboration marks a significant milestone for the network and its game publishing venture, building on the triumph of Pixels' transition to Ronin.

The Ragnarok universe holds a special place in the hearts of gamers, originating from a beloved Manwha comic book series and evolving into one of the most iconic gaming universes with the launch of Ragnarok Online. This MMORPG was a pioneer in the early days of the social internet, allowing players to connect across borders and immerse themselves in a rich virtual world. The Ragnarok IP has transcended gaming culture, branching out into an animated series and mobile games, achieving over 167 million downloads and solidifying its impact on the gaming community.

The iconic gaming universe of Ragnarok is set to make its debut on the Ronin blockchain in the third quarter of 2024 with the immersive strategy game, Ragnarok: Monster World. Developed by 0x&, a web3 development company and game studio committed to bringing IP to web3 gaming, the studio has recently become a part of Google Cloud's Startup Program. This partnership promises to bring the beloved Ragnarok IP to the forefront of blockchain gaming, leveraging the latest in bleeding-edge technology. With a focus on NFT

The team behind Ragnarok: Monster World, ZERO X AND's first venture, is composed of individuals experienced in web2 gaming, having contributed to popular titles like Blade for Kakao, Shot Online, CrossFire, and numerous LINE games. This immersive strategy game, which combines tower defense and monster collecting elements, aims to captivate players from both the web2 and web3 gaming communities.

In the immersive strategy game, gamers have the opportunity to capture and train creatures known as Ragmons. They can then use these Ragmons to compete in battles, leveling up and gaining rewards through player vs. player (PvP) modes. As the game continues to evolve, player vs. environment (PvE) and guild vs. guild (GvG) modes will be added, along with

The Ragnarok universe has always been beloved by our dedicated fanbase in South East Asia, and our team members have been passionate followers of the ronin for some time. Our mission is to elevate the gaming experience with our cutting-edge technology, and we're eager to witness the impact of the Ronin network on the monster world," remarked Trung Nguyen, CEO and Co-Founder of Sky Mavis.

The "Ronin Impact"

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Ever since its debut in 2021, the Ronin blockchain has seen a surge in popularity, amassing around 17.6 million wallet addresses. With the highly anticipated launch of zkEVM on the horizon, Ronin is paving the way for enhanced scalability. In collaboration with Sky Mavis, the team behind Axie Infinity, Ronin is dedicated to propelling the triumph of blockchain gaming. It offers bespoke distribution channels to its strategic partners via its web3 Publishing Stack and maintains a solid rapport with its enthusiastic community.

We are excited to partner with the creators of Axie Infinity, who have been pioneers in the Play-to-Earn and NFT gaming space. I have been keeping an eye on the potential of the Ronin blockchain for a while now and have had a great time playing Axie Infinity. Utilizing the knowledge and experience of our team members who have a background in web2 combined with SkyMavis' proficiency in web3, we plan to build a more robust gaming and blockchain community," said Seokjun Kim, Founder of ZERO X AND.

What is Ronin All About?

The Ronin network, a blockchain designed for gaming, was created by Sky Mavis, the company behind the successful web3 game Axie Infinity. With over $1.3 billion in revenue, Ronin has proven its ability to support a game with millions of daily active users and has handled over $4 billion in NFT transactions.

The Ronin network is designed for lightning-fast transactions with minimal fees, allowing for millions of in-game exchanges to take place effortlessly, solidifying its position as the go-to blockchain for web3 gaming.

The Ronin network's impressive ability to handle 100,000 transactions every second, along with its shift towards Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS), showcases its dedication to delivering a fast and reliable gaming experience. This transition from Proof of Authority (PoA) to DPoS is a strategic move that bolsters decentralization, a crucial aspect for maintaining both rapid performance and robust security in the world of blockchain gaming.

Sky Mavis has recently reached remarkable achievements, including growing their user base, expanding their community, and incorporating games from other developers.

Exciting Games Coming to Ronin

During their 2023 review, Ronin confidently proclaimed itself as the most rapidly expanding gaming blockchain globally. If you're a gaming enthusiast eager to explore the realm of web3 games on Ronin, here are some top-notch titles you definitely shouldn't overlook:

At 0x&, we are dedicated to creating the foundational structures for NFT gaming and decentralized applications, paving the way for the growth of the web3 landscape. Our team boasts a wealth of experience in managing and rolling out various services, and we are currently channeling our efforts into our inaugural blockchain game, Ragnarok: Monster World. By forging partnerships with international entities, we are broadening our influence and also function as a validator for XPLA and HAVAH.

Gravity Co., Ltd., a prominent video game studio hailing from South Korea, was established in April 2000, a time when the online gaming sector in the country was just taking off. This esteemed company holds the unique distinction of being the sole global online game enterprise to be publicly traded on NASDAQ.

Gravity has gained recognition for its iconic game, Ragnarok Online, which debuted in 2002 and quickly rose to fame in Asia. With a commitment to crafting engaging gaming experiences, Gravity has earned a dedicated following and positioned itself as a top game studio in South Korea.

Gravity has not only found success in Korea but has also expanded its reach globally by seeking out and distributing games on various international platforms.

As we look ahead to 2024, Ronin continues to make waves in the blockchain gaming industry, despite facing stiff competition from other platforms such as Immutable, Beam, Arbitrum, Oasys, and Skale. With a lineup of exciting game launches on the horizon, it's highly likely that Ronin's on-chain activity will exceed its previous peak in 2021. In the ever-growing world of blockchain gaming, Ronin's upward trajectory in the bull market is a testament to its staying power and influence.

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