Rivals Week: Top Priorities

Rivals Week Event: Top Priorities

G’day PoGO lovers! The upcoming Rivals Week event is set to begin tomorrow, offering PvP fans a fantastic opportunity to enhance their PvP roster. With a range of meta-relevant spawns and some region-locked Pokémon available worldwide, this event is tailor-made for PvP enthusiasts. Coinciding with the Rediscovering Kanto event, this event aims to level the playing field for new players entering the PvP scene.

The Rivals Week event is scheduled to start on Saturday, May 4, at 10:00 a.m. PDT and will conclude on Thursday, May 9, 2024, at 8:00 p.m. PDT. During this event, players can enjoy various bonuses, including 10× XP from spinning Photo Discs at Gyms, 2× Catch Candy, and an increased chance of encountering Shiny Zangoose, Seviper, Throh, Sawk, Heatmor, and Durant.

One of the top priorities during the Rivals Week event should be focusing on capturing all the wild spawns available. The event presents an excellent opportunity to hunt for Pokémon that are essential for building a strong PvP roster. Some noteworthy Pokémon to target during this event include:

1. Annihilape (Mankey): A must-have for PvP players, especially in the Great League. Annihilape has proven to be a versatile and powerful fighter with a great moveset.
2. Gliscor (Gligar): A speedy and resilient Pokémon that excels in the Great League. Its Shadow variant is particularly potent against a variety of opponents.
3. Poliwrath (Poliwag): Transformed from a spice pick to a meta staple, Poliwrath is a must-have for PvP with its excellent typing and moveset.
4. Alolan Sandslash (A-Sandshrew): A-Slash has seen a resurgence in popularity with the addition of Psycho Cut to its movepool, making it a strong pick in both the Great and Ultra Leagues.
5. Galarian Stunfisk: While it has fallen off slightly in the meta, G-Fisk can still be a valuable addition to your PvP roster, especially in the Great League.

Additionally, players should prioritize obtaining region-locked Pokémon such as Zangoose, Seviper, Throh, Sawk, Heatmor, and Durant. While these Pokémon may not be top-tier picks in PvP, they are rare encounters and can be valuable additions to your collection.

Furthermore, the Go Battle Weekend coinciding with the event offers an opportunity to earn 4x stardust from completing battle sets. Take advantage of this event to improve your ELO ranking and earn valuable rewards.

Lastly, don’t forget about the bonuses available during the Rediscovering Kanto event running alongside Rivals Week. Make sure to capitalize on the exclusive evolution moves for Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise, increased XP and stardust bonuses, and 2x friendship increase bonuses.

In conclusion, the Rivals Week event offers a plethora of opportunities for PvP players to enhance their roster and earn valuable rewards. By prioritizing wild spawns, region-locked Pokémon, the Go Battle Weekend, and the bonuses from the Rediscovering Kanto event, players can make the most of this exciting event. Happy hunting, trainers!

This article provides a comprehensive overview of the upcoming Rivals Week Event and highlights the top priorities that players should focus on during the event. From capturing key Pokémon to taking advantage of bonuses and events, this guide aims to help players make the most of this exciting event.

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