Shared Skies Season 2 Loading Screen: Speculate Now!

The new season of Shared Skies in Pokémon GO has brought with it a beautiful new loading screen created by Akari Sora. The stunning visuals and vibrant colors of the loading screen have caught the attention of players, sparking excitement and speculation about what the season may bring.

One key aspect that has already been revealed for the season is the introduction of shiny versions of several Pokémon, including Lapras, Emolga, Crabrawler, and Ducklett. These shiny Pokémon are tied to various events like GO Fest and Elite Raid Day, adding to the anticipation surrounding the season.

As players delve deeper into the loading screen, they have started speculating about potential Community Day events featuring Pokémon like Pikipek, Trumbeak, and Toucannon. Additionally, Adventure Week could see the spotlight on Pokémon like Kabuto and Tirtouga, with the possibility of shiny debuts for Gen 8 fossil Pokémon.

The loading screen also features Pokémon like Sandygast, hinting at potential shiny debuts and events focusing on Water-type Pokémon like Mantyke, Tympole, Finneon, Horsea, and Shellder. There is also speculation about a Tier 3 raid day and a return of Team Leader Pokémon later in the season.

Despite the loading screen's focus on water types, players are intrigued by the name “Shared Skies” and are looking forward to seeing if flying or dragon types will play a larger role in the season. Overall, the new loading screen has sparked excitement and speculation among Pokémon GO players, eager to see what surprises and events the Season of Shared Skies will bring.

As players continue to explore the new season and engage with the events and Pokémon featured on the loading screen, the community is buzzing with anticipation and excitement. Only time will tell what adventures and challenges await in this exciting new season of Shared Skies in Pokémon GO.

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