Spring 2024 Augmented Reality Showcase

The Spring 2024 AR Showcase has brought an explosion of spring-themed photos from the AR community around the world. From beautiful flowers to playful Pokémon, the showcase captures the essence of the season in a creative and engaging way.

One of the highlights of the showcase is the unedited images section, where photographers have captured stunning moments without any editing. From cherry blossoms in Japan to playful Pokémon in the USA, the natural beauty of spring shines through in these images. Each photo tells a unique story and highlights the beauty of nature during this time of year.

In the edited images section, photographers have taken their creativity to the next level by adding filters and effects to enhance their photos. From vibrant canola flowers in Tokyo to a proud Gatito in Spain, these edited images showcase the artistic talent and imagination of the photographers.

One of the most captivating parts of the showcase is the AR Masters section, where experienced AR photographers share their stunning images. From enchanting Enamorus in the UK to picturesque spring scenes in London, these AR Masters bring a unique perspective to the showcase with their expertly crafted photos.

As we look forward to the next submission theme of Big Pokémon, it’s clear that the Spring 2024 AR Showcase has set the bar high for creativity and innovation. With submissions from talented photographers around the world, the showcase continues to inspire and delight viewers with its beautiful images of spring.

Overall, the Spring 2024 AR Showcase is a testament to the beauty and creativity of the AR community. By capturing the magic of spring in stunning visual displays, the showcase brings joy and inspiration to all who view it. Whether you’re a fan of Pokémon or simply a lover of nature, the showcase offers something for everyone to enjoy.

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