The Mystery of Events Without Spawns

Recently in Pokémon GO, there has been a trend of events that lack wild spawns, leaving many players wondering what exactly constitutes an event. From the Catching Wonders event to Sustainability Week and the Rediscover Kanto event, these events have been missing the traditional feature of wild spawns, leaving some players feeling underwhelmed.

The Catching Wonders event, for example, released a new special research for the Master Ball and offered bonuses such as XP and stardust, but did not include any wild spawns. While the special research and bonuses were appreciated, many players felt that the absence of wild spawns made the event feel lackluster and not truly event-like.

Similarly, Sustainability Week 2024 also lacked wild spawns, focusing instead on eggs and field research. This departure from previous years, which featured the release of new Pokémon and shiny variants, left some players feeling like the event fell short of expectations.

Even events like the Rediscover Kanto event, which technically had event spawns, felt more like a continuation of the game’s regular biome spawns rather than a special event. The lack of variety in spawns during Rivals Week, which followed the Rediscover Kanto event, further highlighted the absence of traditional event spawns.

While some may argue that a break from wild event spawns allows players to appreciate their local biomes, the recent string of events without spawns has left many craving the excitement and variety that wild spawns bring to events. Suggestions for event spawns, such as featuring Pokémon that are not typically seen in events, could help to inject some excitement and diversity back into these events.

Ultimately, while the game has seen exciting updates such as new backgrounds and AR modes, the absence of event spawns in recent events has left a noticeable gap in the overall event experience. As we look ahead to future events, players hope to see a return to traditional event spawns to enhance the excitement and engagement of Pokémon GO events.

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