Throh Raid: A How-To Guide

Throh is a formidable 3-Star Raid boss in Pokémon GO, belonging to the pure Fighting type category. To defeat Throh in raids, trainers need to use the best counters available, which include powerful Fairy, Flying, and Psychic type Pokémon. It is important to have a minimum group size of 1-3 Trainers to take down Throh effectively.

Shiny Throh is also available in Pokémon GO, giving trainers the chance to capture a rare and specially-colored version of this Raid boss. Throh can be found in the following CP ranges:

– 1391 CP – 1464 CP at Level 20, with no weather boost
– 1739 CP – 1830 CP at Level 25 with Cloudy weather boost

To help trainers prepare for the Throh Raid battles, we have compiled a list of the best Throh raid counters according to the GO Hub battle simulator. Some of the top counters include Rayquaza (Mega), Mewtwo (Shadow), Alakazam (Mega), Gardevoir (Mega), Rayquaza, Mewtwo, and more. These Pokémon will make quick work of Throh and help you secure victory in the raid.

Throh has impressive stats with ATK of 172, DEF of 160, and HP of 260. It is weak to Fairy, Flying, and Psychic type moves, making these the best choices to combat against Throh. Throh, in turn, is strong against Dark, Bug, and Rock type Pokémon.

Throh has a variety of moves in its arsenal, including Fast Moves like Low Kick and Zen Headbutt, and Charge Moves like Low Sweep, Brick Break, Body Slam, and Focus Blast. Trainers should be prepared for these moves during the raid battles.

Lastly, for visual reference, regular and Shiny sprites of Throh are available for trainers to see and familiarize themselves with the appearance of this Raid boss.

In conclusion, with the right counters, strategy, and teamwork, trainers can easily defeat Throh in raids and add this powerful Fighting type Pokémon to their collection. Make sure to utilize the recommended counters and tactics mentioned above to emerge victorious in Throh Raid battles.

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