Ultra Beasts’ Dazzling Design (Part 2)

In the world of Pokémon, there are many unique and fascinating creatures known as Ultra Beasts. These extraordinary beings come from another dimension and possess exceptional abilities and designs that set them apart from regular Pokémon. In this article, we will continue our exploration of the dashing designs of the Ultra Beasts, focusing on Xurkitree, Celesteela, Kartana, Guzzlord, Stakataka, and Blacephalon.

Xurkitree, the first Ultra Beast we will delve into, is a fascinating fusion of circuitry and tree elements. The name Xurkitree itself is a clever combination of “Circuitry” and “Tree,” emphasizing its electrical and plant-like features. This Pokémon’s design is inspired by electrical wires and infrastructure, with details like cable clips, copper internals for fingers, and power plug feet. The electric spark for a head adds to its unique and eerie appearance, reminiscent of a modern-day cryptid like Siren Head.

Moving on to Celesteela, this Ultra Beast draws inspiration from celestial and steel components. Its name combines “Celestial,” “Steel,” and “Stella” (Latin for star), reflecting its space-related origins. The design of Celesteela features bamboo poles that double as rockets, symbolizing the ancient Japanese folktale of Princess Kaguya. The bamboo-like structure, reminiscent of a ceremonial gown, ties back to the tale of Princess Kaguya’s return to the moon, adding a mystical and elegant touch to its design.

Next, we have Kartana, a uniquely designed Ultra Beast that embodies the qualities of paper and katana. The name Kartana is derived from “Card” and “Katana,” emphasizing its sharp and precise cutting abilities. This Pokémon’s origami-like appearance, resembling a samurai warrior, highlights its grass and steel typing. The contrast between the softness of paper and the sharpness of a steel weapon adds depth to Kartana’s design, making it a standout member among the Ultra Beasts.

Guzzlord is another intriguing Ultra Beast with a menacing and gluttonous design. Its name, a combination of “Guzzle” and “Lord,” reflects its insatiable appetite and power. Guzzlord’s dragon-like appearance, with multiple mouths and a crown adorned head, epitomizes the greedy and destructive king archetype found in various fictional and historical contexts. The endless void within Guzzlord symbolizes excess and consumption, making it a formidable and imposing creature.

Stakataka is a moving fortress-like Ultra Beast inspired by medieval architecture and stacking concepts. Its name, a blend of “Stack” and “Attacker,” perfectly encapsulates its brick-like structure and aggressive nature. Stakataka’s design features sentient bricks that can independently move and change its form, creating a dynamic and formidable appearance akin to a mobile stronghold. The concept of a moving fortress adds a fantastical element to its design, reminiscent of magical and fantastical tales.

Lastly, Blacephalon is a playful and explosive Ultra Beast known for its clown-like appearance and head that resembles a disco ball. The name Blacephalon combines “Blast” and “Encephalon,” highlighting its explosive head and brain-related features. This Pokémon’s design, with a colorful and dynamic head reminiscent of a disco ball, exudes a playful and mischievous energy. Its association with clowns and party tricks adds a whimsical touch to its design, making it a lively and engaging Ultra Beast.

In conclusion, the Ultra Beasts showcase a diverse range of designs and inspirations that blend everyday elements with fantastical concepts. Each Ultra Beast’s design is a testament to the creative and imaginative world of Pokémon, offering unique and captivating creatures for trainers to discover and encounter. As we celebrate these dashing designs of the Ultra Beasts, we continue to be amazed by the depth and detail that goes into creating these extraordinary beings. So, next time you encounter an Ultra Beast, take a moment to appreciate the thought and creativity behind their remarkable designs.

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