Ultra Space Wonders PvP Review: Event

The upcoming Ultra Space Wonders Event in Pokémon GO is set to introduce 3 new Ultra Beasts along with a variety of Poison-type Pokémon and exciting raid options. PvP enthusiasts are eager to explore the event spawns and determine which Pokémon to prioritize in their hunt. Let's review some of the key Pokémon featured in this event and their potential impact on PvP battles.

Starting with Stakataka, this new Ultra Beast brings a unique Rock and Steel typing to the game. However, after a thorough analysis of its performance in the Master League, it appears that Stakataka may struggle to compete against popular meta picks like Groudon and Kyogre. While Stakataka has some notable wins against specific types, its overall viability in PvP battles seems limited due to its move limitations and vulnerabilities. In the Ultra League, Stakataka's performance improves slightly, but it still faces challenges against common water and fighting types.

On the other hand, Blacephalon, the Fireworks Pokémon, offers a glass cannon approach in battles. With its high attack stat and powerful moveset, Blacephalon excels in the Master League when shielded correctly. It can take down meta picks like Metagross and Xerneas, making it a potential threat in the hands of skilled trainers. In the Ultra League, Blacephalon remains a formidable force, especially when used strategically to exploit its fast move pressure and nuke potential. Overall, Blacephalon shows promise as a fearsome closer in PvP battles.

Naganadel, the Poison Pin Pokémon, evolves from Poipole and requires specific conditions to be met before entering battles. Unfortunately, Naganadel's performance in both the Master and Ultra Leagues seems underwhelming, with limited wins against popular Pokémon. However, in PvE raid battles, Naganadel can shine with its Poison Jab and Sludge Bomb moves, securing a decent ranking among Poison-type attackers. While Naganadel may not make a significant impact in PvP, it can still be a valuable asset in raid battles.

During the Ultra Space Wonders Event, players can encounter various Pokémon that are valuable for PvP battles. Mareanie, Golbat, Tentacool, and other spawns offer opportunities to strengthen PvP teams. Additionally, raids featuring Turtonator, Galarian Weezing, and Pidgeot present chances to obtain high IV variants for Ultra League battles. Considering all these aspects, the event receives a rating of 7.5/10 for its PvP relevance and diverse offerings.

As a PvP enthusiast, make sure to utilize the event spawns and raid options to enhance your battle strategies and team compositions. Stay tuned for more updates on Pokémon GO PvP, and don't miss out on the exciting battles that the Ultra Space Wonders Event has to offer!

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