Unlock Virtual Riches: Dive Into Elixir Games’ Million-Dollar Season Pass Event

Experience Rewards with the Elixir Season Pass

Lately, it seems like token airdrops and gaming rewards events are happening almost every day. Now, even the platforms that distribute these games are joining in. Elixir Games is rolling out its own reward-based event, spanning their entire platform and including many partnered games!

Get ready for an opportunity to win prizes by engaging in web3 gaming. This opportunity is brought to you by Elixir Games, collaborating with several games on their platform such as Katana Inu, Chronos Worlds, and One Tap, among others. Elixir is making a grand entrance with their first-ever seasonal event, providing participants with the chance to win over $1 million in prizes!

The Elixir Season Pass commenced on April 19th and will continue until June 3rd. Participants can engage in daily activities, which include a variety of tasks ranging from platform interactions like submitting a review, to playing specific games.

While the standard and social tasks can usually be finished swiftly, the game-specific quests demand a bit more gameplay to adequately fulfill their criteria. Rewards from the leaderboard will be given to the top 20,000 participants.

Elixir is offering a no-cost minting event for its NFTs on April 25th. Owners of these NFTs will have the option to exchange them for a chance to spin a prize wheel. Alternatively, they can retain their Elixirs, which might provide additional advantages later on.

Further Details on the Elixir Season Pass

Each day, only a select number of quests are accessible, requiring participants to return daily to gain the most points. You can enter and view your ongoing ranking at https://store.elixir.games/rewards.

As players advance through the Elixir Season Pass, they accumulate tickets. These tickets can be used to participate in different raffles available on the Elixir platform. Moreover, each game partner involved in this event will also organize their own tournament, offering substantial rewards.

This Season Pass event is likely to be an effective incentive for attracting gamers to the Elixir platform and introducing them to an array of new games. Just today, I tried out three unfamiliar games to earn some quest points. I'll likely repeat this process tomorrow!

Joining the Elixir Season Pass event costs nothing. Simply create an Elixir account and begin!

For further details on this event, refer to the official post on Medium.

What is Elixir Games?

Elixir Games is a gaming development firm known for creating a game management and launching platform akin to Steam. This platform features a diverse array of both web2 and web3 games.

Elixir enables you to link your Epic Games and GoG accounts, consolidating all your games into a single hub. This launcher can be used on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux systems. Boasting a selection of more than 120 games, Elixir has firmly established its presence in the market.

For further information on Elixir Games, explore their official website, follow their updates on Twitter, and become a part of their Discord community.

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