Voxie Tactics Unveils Latest Unity Build

Voxie Tactics, the popular voxel-style, turn-based fantasy strategic battle game, has recently undergone a major upgrade with the launch of its new game client built with Unity. Although not all functionalities are currently available, such as NFT minting, players can still enjoy the game, utilize their NFTs, and earn VOXEL rewards for match victories.

Following several months of development, the Voxie Tactics team has unveiled the rebuilt game client, which offers improved graphics and stability. This launch also sets the stage for potential releases of Voxie Tactics on MacOS and mobile platforms in the future.

Existing players will need to re-link their accounts using the same wallet they previously linked to the game to retain their game status. Additionally, the Tavern and Forge utility pages on the Voxies Market website are temporarily closed as they are being integrated with the new Unity build. However, the player marketplace and rental store are fully operational for players to use.

With the Unity build now live, the focus may shift towards enhancing the interface and addressing any quality of life issues to provide players with a more polished gameplay experience. Voxie Tactics stands out as one of the few web3 games that directly rewards players with tokens, requiring a minimum accumulation of 10 VOXELS to claim winnings. Players can dive into the game, play with the provided basic heroes, win matches, and earn VOXEL tokens along the way. They can also acquire items to enhance their gameplay or utilize tokens to rent more powerful heroes, purchase better equipment, or even buy pets.

To get started with Voxie Tactics, interested players can visit the Voxies website and explore the exciting world of voxel-style strategic battles. The game offers a diverse range of character races and classes, each with unique powers and abilities for engaging gameplay experiences. Players can earn VOXELS tokens from winning matches and find equipment NFTs, which can also be sold on the marketplace if not suitable for their playstyle. The game further includes a Forge for upgrading equipment and an NFT rental system, allowing players to participate and earn rewards without owning any NFTs initially.

For more information about Voxie Tactics, players can visit the official website, follow the game on Twitter, and join the Discord community to stay updated on the latest news and developments. Exciting adventures await in the world of Voxie Tactics, where strategic battles and token rewards await eager players!

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