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The World of Wonders Season in Pokémon GO has brought exciting new content for players to enjoy, including a special research quest titled “World of Wonders.” This special research is available to claim from Friday, March 1, 2024, at 10:00 a.m. until Saturday, June 1, 2024, at 9:59 a.m. local time. One of the main rewards for completing this special research is an encounter with the legendary Ultra Beast, Poipole.

Throughout the duration of the World of Wonders Season, new parts of the special research will unlock, so players need to keep an eye on their Research tab to stay updated on the tasks and rewards. The special research is divided into five parts, each with its own set of tasks and rewards.

In the first part of the World of Wonders special research, players are required to catch 20 Pokémon, spin 10 Pokéstops, and transfer 10 Pokémon. Completing these tasks will reward players with items such as Poke Balls, Pinap Berries, and Razz Berries, as well as experience points and Poipole encounters.

As players progress through each part of the special research, they will encounter more tasks related to catching Pokémon, completing field research tasks, exploring distance, and battling Team GO Rocket Grunts. Rewards for completing these tasks include various items, experience points, and Poipole Candy to help with evolving Poipole into Naganadel.

Poipole is a Poison-type Pokémon with a Max CP of 1854 in Pokémon GO. It is weather boosted by Cloudy weather and originally from the Alola region. While Shiny Poipole is not available in the game, players can still enjoy encountering and capturing this unique Ultra Beast as part of the World of Wonders special research.

Overall, the World of Wonders special research offers players a thrilling adventure with the chance to encounter the legendary Ultra Beast Poipole. Stay tuned for more updates and enjoy the exciting challenges and rewards that come with completing this special research quest during the World of Wonders Season in Pokémon GO.

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