Yveltal Raid – Ultimate Guide

Yveltal Raid Guide: Best Counters and Tips

Yveltal, the legendary Dark/Flying type Pokémon, is a Tier 5 raid boss in Pokémon GO. With its impressive stats and typing, Yveltal poses a challenge for trainers looking to defeat it in raids. To help you take down this powerful adversary, we have compiled a comprehensive raid guide with the best counters and strategies to ensure a successful battle.

**Yveltal Raid Details:**
– Yveltal can be caught with CP values ranging from 2073 to 2160 at Level 20 without weather boost, and 2591 to 2701 at Level 25 with Fog or Windy weather boost.
– Its typing of Dark and Flying makes it susceptible to Electric, Fairy, Rock, and Ice type Pokémon.
– Due to its bulkiness, it is recommended to have 3-5 trainers with strong counters to defeat Yveltal efficiently.

**Best Counters for Yveltal:**
Here are the top counters for Yveltal based on their performance and time to win:
1. Shadow Rampardos with Smack Down and Rock Slide
2. Mega Diancie with Rock Throw and Rock Slide
3. Mega Gardevoir with Charm and Dazzling Gleam
4. Shadow Rhyperior with Smack Down and Rock Wrecker
5. Mega Rayquaza with Dragon Tail and Dragon Ascent

**How to get a Shiny Yveltal:**
Shiny Yveltal was released during Fashion Week 2022 and can be obtained from Raid Catch encounters after defeating the Raid Boss. The shiny variant features a unique white, grey, and red coloration, earning it the nickname ‘bacon bird' shiny.

**Yveltal Stats and Moveset Analysis:**
Yveltal boasts a max CP of 3781 at Level 40 and 4275 at Level 50, with impressive Attack, Defense, and HP stats. It learns a variety of fast and charge moves, including Sucker Punch, Snarl, Gust, Dark Pulse, Hurricane, and more. Each move offers different benefits and strategies for battling Yveltal effectively.

**Tips for Battling Yveltal:**
– Coordinate with a team of trainers to ensure a smooth raid battle.
– Use Electric, Fairy, Rock, and Ice type Pokémon for optimal damage.
– Pay attention to Yveltal's moveset and adjust your strategy accordingly.
– Utilize dodging and charge moves strategically to maximize damage output.

In conclusion, Yveltal is a formidable raid boss that requires careful planning and strong counters to overcome. By following this raid guide and leveraging the best Pokémon for the job, you can increase your chances of defeating Yveltal and potentially capturing the elusive shiny variant. Happy raiding, trainers!

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