Bitcoin Halving Celebration: Splinterlands Unveils Exclusive Promo Cards with Unique Halving Ability

Splinterlands Celebrates Bitcoin Halving with Special Edition Cards

The Bitcoin halving event is here! To celebrate, Splinterlands has introduced two exclusive promotional cards, accessible for a brief period only. These cards feature the unique Halving ability, a rare attribute previously seen on only two other cards in the entire Splinterlands series!

Another Bitcoin halving brings with it another set of promotional cards from Splinterlands, this time featuring not one but two cards: Baron Fyatt and Henchling Enforcer. These exclusive cards are only obtainable during the event and will not be available in regular card packs.

The Baron’s Bounty event started on April 16th and is set to run for a total of 15 days. Available payment options for this event include Credits or Dark Energy Crystals, with the latter currently being the more economical choice. The cost is 31,250 per BCX for the Baron card and 3,250 per BCX for the Enforcer card, which translates to $32.50 and $3.25 in USD, respectively. Buyers have the opportunity to cut these prices in half by utilizing Vouchers. There's a 4% likelihood of acquiring a gold foil version with each card purchase. Additionally, buying 25 cards in a single transaction ensures the receipt of at least one gold foil card.

Furthermore, buying each promotional card earns points for a chance to win prizes in a lucky draw, such as out-of-print card packs, plots of land, and Runi NFTs, with the total value of the prizes exceeding $100,000. Moreover, the top 200 buyers will be awarded exclusive titles, and the top 20 will receive extra copies of the new promotional cards.

Visit the official store page for additional details and to buy products.

For individuals fascinated by the cards but not the random selection, these promotional cards can be found on peer-to-peer marketplaces at considerably lower prices.

Although Splinterland has recently overhauled its league and battle reward structure, the game continues to lose players. However, even with some complaints from the players, the recent sale has seen more than 2500 Barons bought within just a few days.

Although this event might not draw in new participants, it's great to witness recognition of important occurrences within the web3 realm.

What is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands is an online trading card game accessible through a web browser and operates on the Hive blockchain. It incorporates elements of gameplay that allow players to earn rewards. The game utilizes two types of blockchain tokens: Dark Energy Crystals (DEC), which serve as the main currency within the game, and Splintershards (SPS), which are used as a governance token and can be exchanged for DEC.

Splinterlands blends elements of deck-building games with automatic battle mechanics. Participants assemble a fighting squad using their cards, adhering to specific match regulations. After both players have selected their teams, the battle is executed automatically, continuing until a single team is left standing. Victories in matches and at the conclusion of each bi-weekly season reward players with Glint, a currency exclusive to the game. This currency can be spent on acquiring new cards and various items within the game. Additionally, the top 50 players each season are awarded DEC tokens as a bonus.

Splinterlands features a land ownership component, where players can cultivate their land to harvest Grain, Research Points, and SPS tokens. Going forward, the game will develop to include options for players to produce unique items within the game.

For further information on Splinterlands, explore our game manual. Additionally, check out their official website, follow their updates on Twitter, and become a member of their Discord community.

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