Game Changer: Faraway Acquires HV-MTL and Otherside from Yuga Labs, Ushering in a New Era for Web3 Gaming

Yuga Labs Divests HV-MTL and Otherside to Faraway

This week, Yuga Labs unexpectedly revealed that it has sold the HV-MTL and Otherside brands to Faraway. With this acquisition, Faraway gains ownership of the intellectual properties and the majority of related NFT collections, and has committed to advancing the development of their gaming projects.

Faraway, originally known for their basic online shooter game, has successfully established a presence in the gaming industry. This presence is expected to expand significantly with the integration of their recently obtained intellectual properties, HV-MTL and the Otherside!

In addition to transferring intellectual property, there is also a shift in staff roles. Spencer Tucker, who formerly served as the Chief Gaming Officer at Yuga Labs, will take on the role of Chief Product Officer at Faraway.

Is Yuga Labs shifting its focus from web3 gaming? It's difficult to determine definitively. However, considering Yuga's limited involvement with both games so far, this strategy might ultimately benefit the gaming community. Faraway has already been active within the Yuga ecosystem, having developed the most recent iteration of Dookey Dash and started development on another project called Mara: Rise.

Faraway has quickly started making changes, unveiling new features for several NFTs within its linked collections. The HV NFTs, along with Kodas and Kodamara, will start to accumulate ‘points’, although the purpose of these points has not yet been disclosed. Additionally, the Koda collection will continue to be managed by Yuga Labs. Both Faraway and Yuga Labs have expressed that the ability for NFTs to operate across different platforms is a priority for them. However, the specifics of how they plan to implement this concept remain to be seen.

In this acquisition, Faraway has taken ownership of the subsequent NFT collections: HV-MTL, Sewer Passes, Otherside Vessels, Otherside Maras, Otherside Kodamaras, Otherside Ship Parts, Otherside Catalyst, and Otherside Partner Loot.

Here's where you can find the formal statement from Yuga Labs.

Yuga Labs recently launched Kodamara Fusion for Otherside gamers, enabling them to upgrade their Mara by utilizing Catalysts and Sediment Fragments.

What is Faraway?

Faraway operates as a game development studio specializing in web3 technology. They developed Mini-Royale, which is a quick, online first-person shooter that incorporates NFT integrations on the Solana blockchain. Additionally, they have developed Faraway Land, a game focused on constructing bases where players can produce items to be used in Mini-Royale. Faraway has also launched tools for creators, enabling them to design personalized skins and market them via the Faraway Shop.

Faraway has collaborated with Yuga Labs to reintroduce Dookey Dash and has developed Serum City, a digital realm for owners of Mutant Apes. Following their recent purchase of HV-MTL and the Otherside, Faraway is poised to significantly enhance their reputation in the industry!

For additional information on Faraway, check out their official website, stay updated by following their Twitter handle, and connect with their community on Discord.

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